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The Importance of Proper Planter Drainage


After (wah wah wah):

Last week, we completed a project we'd envisioned for some time - having an herb garden off of our back porch. We wanted the herbs to be planted in wash basins and these actually took some time to find. [Sidebar: If you're ever interested in purchasing wash basins, check out a feed lot store.] In our excitement/hurry to get our herbs planted, we forgot to drill holes in the bottom of our wash basins. My grandma commented, "Loved the wash basins! Now how do they drain properly?" We got some rain and, as it turned out, I had unknowingly placed one of the basins under an area where we get heavy rain runoff. The water was flowing out of the top of the basin. As you can see, the basil plant's continued existence is questionable at best. Although I am happy to report that the herbs in the other basin are still thriving.

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  1. I'm still surprised we got rain. I had forgotten what it sounded and looked like. :)

    I so don't have a greenthumb, I try though and they usually turn out like yours did...


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