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A is for Arlington

We went to visit my sister, Emily, in Arlington this week and had a blast. The kids are getting so much easier to travel with, so everything went smoother than I expected. When we got there, Em [also known as Aunt Mi-Mi] got the kids their own suitcases, fully equipped with wheels. Jude brought the suitcase EVERYWHERE.

We spent a lot of time driving. Here's a pic, totally unprompted, of the kids holding hands in the car.

We went to the mall and met a fellow JOHer adopting from Taiwan. This was so fun! She was great and I enjoyed hearing about her journey and learning from her. The mall had a giant ice skating rink, a play area (where the kids played for 2 hours!!) and the topper was the carousel.

Em and Jude played a lot together and when we got home, after 5 hours in the car, Jude cried saying he "just wanted to go back to Aunt Mi-Mi's!" She's one hip aunty!


  1. so glad that you had a great trip! what a blessing that the kids were good the hand holding photo. and aren't aunts awesome???

  2. Isn't it great when it gets easier to travel with the kids?? Looks like a lot of fun! Sarah = )

  3. Rachel,
    Welcome back and glad your trip was a huge success! Love the cute pics and how fun you got to meet up with a JOH'er! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Lisa C.


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