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One Step Closer

Today we printed out our 17 page service plan and 5 page list of answers to our adoption education questions to submit to Journeys of the Heart (JOH).  We just have to get the educational portion notarized and we are good to go.  We have watched over 10 hours of adoption education videos, read over 900 pages of adoption literature, plus completed all 11 of our pre-adoption goals (also known as our service plan).  So glad to be done.  Although I believe both Dan and I would agree that we learned a lot by completing these rigorous requirements.  But there was also a lot of busy work, too.  

To change the subject to our kids at home,  Jude is taking on the role of mentor.  Today he taught Indigo how to use his toy saw.  

Okay, Indi, here's how you do it...

Remember to apply steady pressure when cutting blocks.


  1. Yay! That is one big step done & completed! Your kids are such cuties too! I see some teacher potential in Jude! :)
    Lisa C.

  2. P.S. Oh, just spotted the safety goggles.....I love that!! :)
    Lisa C.

  3. Love the safety goggles!! so cute! Great news about getting your service plan done. Ahhhhhhh, what a relief. Good job! Sarah = )

  4. JUDE!... just like daddy, "safety first". The goggles need to be protecting his eyes though.:-)


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