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What goes down must come up?

It's started with "Mommy, my tummy hurts!" and ended with my arms wrapped around the toilet. Yes, Jude and I have been sick all weekend with the stomach flu. I was going to stop here, but then Dan said, "Aren't you going to mention how I stayed up all night helping?" Dan was great, getting up every hour with me as I was throwing up, bringing me a fresh cool wash cloth every time, running out at 2 am to get medicine, playing with Indigo the next morning on 2 1/2 hours of interrupted sleep. I asked Dan, "Should I write more?" Dan replied, "That's good enough."

To shift gears, we actually have an adoption update for you. Things are moving along much faster than we expected, at least right now. Our agency does not tell us how many people are ahead of us on the waiting list. However most of us adopting through Journeys of the Heart (JOH) are a part of a JOH online group. When we first got wait-listed in May, there were 24 people ahead of us on the list. Now there are 11. Not everyone who adopts through JOH is a part of this group, so chances are there are more like 16-18 people ahead of us. Still, given that 13 people have either been given a referral, moved to a different program, or become pregnant, this is big news.

Also, sadly, another agency called Commonwealth closed this month. Taiwan referred children to both programs. I spoke with the JOH program coordinator last week and she said that this will most likely mean that JOH will receive more referrals, at least in the short-term. It sounds like Gladney (another agency) may be taking Commonwealth's clients, however this is not set in stone (that I know of) and Gladney had never done Taiwanese adoption before. Please keep all of these families in your prayers as I am sure it is difficult to deal with so much uncertainty.


  1. Boooo for the flu, but hooray for Dan Dan the helper man!

    Interesting news on the adoption front! I've never heard of Gladney before. Any news as to why Commonwealth is out of teh picture?

  2. Good job Dan!!! Way to step up for the family! Rachel always says very nice things about you! = )

  3. I don't know much about Gladney other than than they have been around a long time.

    I don't know why Commonwealth went under, except that the whole agency did, not just their Taiwan program. I was also told that their clients had to pay $10K up front, which will not be refunded. Their only choice is to go with Gladney or lose their $$$. Very sad...

  4. One of my friends is (was) with Commonwealth. It is very hard on them right now.

    So sorry that you guys were sick! We were sick last week too... different bug, but yuck!



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