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Introducing Gus... Gus the Bus

As hard as we tried, we just couldn't live without a little fur in the house.  We were looking through pictures from life in WI and we kept running into pictures of Titus, our last Great Dane.  So just for kicks and giggles we were looking at Great Danes on the internet who needed homes.  

Of course there's no such thing as just "looking" when it comes to dogs, and within a few days we found and met Gus; a skinny, dirty, loveable, tapeworm infested (which really grossed out Rachel!) Great Dane who needed a forever home.  That was three months ago.  Since then he's gained weight, been dewormed (twice), endured 3 rounds of antibiotics and gone through rigorous training, thanks to Bark Busters. And voila, Man's Best Friend.

The kids love Gus, too!


  1. Rachel, Gus is Fabulous!! It's funny, our friends who have three children adopted from Korea are also on their third rescue Dane (one at a time, of course, since as you know they are the size of a small pony and they do not have a large house) They swear this is the greatest breed! I'm so excited for you guys. I always have to have a dog. Welcome Gus! Sarah

  2. oh, he is so precious! and love the name! i much prefer big dogs to little ones. gus looks perfect!

  3. Big dogs are the BEST! We have a Bernese Mountain Dog and she's the most gentlest dog around the kids ever!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holy cow, Gus is huge!!! But I guess Great Danes are. Ha. :)

    He is really a great looking dog, and looks the like the kids are loving him!



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