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Our Announcement

Well, we have some big news. No, I am not pregnant. We are thinking of changing countries from Taiwan to Ethiopia. We are 99% sure that we will be doing this, in fact. Being that Dan grew up in Liberia and the Ivory Coast, he has always had an interest in adopting from Africa as that is where his heart lies. Another reason we are moving away from Taiwan is that we went into this wanting to adopt an orphan. In Ethiopia there are between 4.5 - 6 MILLION orphans.

The bigger news is that we are also contemplating adopting a sibling group, either twins or a young toddler and baby. We think it would be good for the kids to have someone in the family to whom they are genetically related as well as someone who looks like them. We would hire someone to help around the house part-time to get through the transition of having four kids.

We ask that you would pray that we would begin our Ethiopian adoption journey at the right time for everyone.

We also wanted to share this video of another family's journey to Ethiopia. We found it to be very powerful.


  1. Rachel,
    Through my tears( very powerful video indeed! ), I needed to send my deep appreciation to you for sharing this very personal decision with us all. I can sense that your family is at peace with this unfolding & evolving change and should you decide to go forward with an Ethiopian adoption I wish you nothing but a thousand blessings, joys & a dream come true forever family.
    I admire your courage and resolve to make a change that better suits your family and ideals and feel inspired by your convictions.
    The video you shared was breathtakingly beautiful as are the children of Ethiopia.
    I have so appreciated all of your contributions to the JOH board and bloggy community and please, please continue to share your story and allow us to share in it through your posts! I would miss you!!
    I know this must be an exciting & maybe anxious time too as you consider this decision. I do pray that you find your sweet angels in the timing that is perfect for your family and perfect in HIS guidance & love.
    Please keep us posted and enjoy your vacation next week too....well deserved family time!!
    Lisa C.

  2. Rachel,

    That is so awesome! We will definitely pray that God will lead you when the time is right to take action on this but I think it is a very admirable decision. While you may feel somewhat stressed by doubling your children initially, take heed in the fact that if you are doing what God has put upon your heart to do, then He will get you through! If we are still here when that time comes, I would be more than willing to help in any way that I can! I have always felt that there are so many unwanted children in the world, that I might like to adopt someday...but we are a loooooonng way from doing anything yet. If/when that time comes, I will definitely have lots of questions! Thanks so much for all of the "green" advice! It was very helpful! Hope you have a great trip, and we definitely should get together when you get back!

  3. Congrats on your decision to adopt from Ethiopia. We have good friends who brought their daughter home from there this past summer. May God bless your decision and grant you peace, faith and discernment.

  4. Wow, i think that's AWESOME that you'll be adopting from Ethiopia-my husband and I talk about it all the time-i would LOVE to do the same-i feel the same as you do, there are so many more children there in desperate need of families-you would really be doing great good to Africa.

    Good luck on your journey. And, yes, i agree-blogs make everything look so easy, cheery and rosy . . . when in reality it can be a bit crazy w/ young children. We have 3 now and it's soooo hard at times. Going from 2 to 3 has been a great challenge---so getting help is a must-it will help you greatly during some hard transitioning. Wow, especially from 2 to 4 if that's what you decide.

    But it is all good in the end-i wish you the best!! I will continue to check up on your blog every now and then.
    By the way, do you love Austin? My husband has several clients there and talks about moving there often-he loves it!
    We live in Chicago.


  5. Rachel,

    I am UNBELIEVABLY THRILLED AND EXCITED... I wish I could make those caps BIGGER!!! I am jumping up and down I am so excited for you!!!!!!

    One of my best friends brought home 2 beautiful children from Ethiopia... her little girl is my Claire's best friend. And another one of my friends just came home with a baby boy from Ethiopia a couple of weeks ago... then another friend just started the process to adopt from Ethiopia!! So I am very familiar with the country, the BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS children and the huge need for adoptive families from that country!!!!

    I am SO SO SO SO thrilled about this new direction for your family. I can't wait to hear more! (Check out 2 Princes & A Princess and As For Me & My Haus, linked from my sidebar...)

  6. WHAT???!!! I can't believe you are abandoning us?? Of course I am just joking. I am VERY excited for your change of heart because I think that is a very powerful thing, to be called in a specific direction. I wish you every blessing on your journey and know that you will choose the perfect time to begin. I hope you don't mind if I keep checking in with your blog. It's been such a pleasure watching your beautiful family grow. Sarah = )

  7. very very exciting!!!! get some well-deserved rest and relaxation and then bring those babies home!!!

  8. We are very excited for you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers in your transition. The video was breathtaking.

  9. We are excited for you. I also think that is very wise to have a plan to get house help when the babies come home. I have also had seasons of life where I need to hire a housecleaner once in a while so I could be the mom I needed to be - spending more time with my kids instead of a slave to the housecleaning.

  10. Very exciting! I can totally relate to your post; when we switched from China to Taiwan (before the Taiwan program was popular and there was no wait for a referral), we experienced the same feelings of not believing we were really needed in China, since there were so many people waiting to adopt from there. I hope you keep up your blog so we can all follow along! Good luck!



  12. Rachel,

    Thank you for sharing all that you have. I will be praying and still look forward to following your adoption journey however long it takes! Yes motherhood is something else in the younger years of our children, but your diligence will pay off, I am starting to see the fruits of my labor. One thing to hold on to, when the kids are young you are physically exhausted; when they are teenagers, you are emotionally exhausted; if you have both like me? you have both types of exhaustion! I tell you what though, I wouldn't trade a minute of it and I know you won't either! I always think, one day I will have a clean & tidy house, but I will have no one to mess it up! I don't look forward to those days : )
    In God's timing, you will have the child/children God has planned for you. According to what you posted, your new plan sounds right for your family. We will be praying for guidance!


  13. Hi Rachel,

    It was nice to meet you at the park today! I came right home to check out your blog because I knew the address would fall right out of my mommy brain if I didn't! :)

    My Ethiopia friend's blog is Also, if you're interested in meeting them "in real life" along with a bunch of other adoptive families in San Antonio, we'll all be at a fundraiser for orphans next month ( and click "register for banquet" for info).

    Hope to see you guys again at the park too!

    Take care,


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