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Fantastic fundraiser with lots of cool stuff... And the cryin' lion

Head over to Rebecca's new site To China for Owen where her family is doing a fundraiser to raise money to bring their sweet Owen home from China.  If you'd like to be moved, read her story The Butterfly Story which explains their powerful journey to Owen.  It's amazing and you will never look at butterflies again without thinking of them.

The kids have been big into wearing costumes with Halloween approaching.  Jude squeezed into this elephant costume, which he wore TWO YEARS ago.    

Here's a photo of our cryin' lion.  Boy, I don't know what got into this girl today, but it wasn't pretty.  Dan and I like to rate tantrums on the scale used to rate hurricanes and this was definitely a Category 5.  For your viewing pleasure:


  1. Oh that sweet baby lion breaks my heart....thank you for those whimsical pics! Jude must have been very motivated to get into that costume! :) Love it!

    Happy weekend!!
    Lisa C.

  2. ohhh god love 'em! We had many Category 5's yesterday-with the colds and all . . . it was scary! :)

  3. Rachel,

    THANK YOU so much, girl, for posting about our fundraiser!!! We so appreciate it!!!! I have the best bloggy friends in the universe. :)

    The picture of Jude in the elephant costume... I BURST out laughing when I saw that. Then I laughed harder when I saw Indi all tantrum-y in the lion costume!!! I feel bad giggling at their expense, but it IS funny!!!

    We've had a few "category 5's" (love that by the way) around here lately too...

  4. Ok.. the pictures are too funny!!!! Just love them.. oh and I need your email to add you to my private blog!

    Sarah k

  5. cryin' lion.....hilarious...pitiful, but hilarious!


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