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Sweet Girl, Cruel Mama

the day after i posted the picture of indi's tantrum, i was feeling a little guilty about getting a laugh at my daughter's expense.  the next day she came down with a 103 degree fever.  then i was feeling really guilty about it.  so, maybe that would explain all of the tantruming??!!

a friend of mine generously gave me several pairs of shoes for indi. her daughter is almost three so they don't fit her anymore.  

one of the pairs [not pictured] is called "squeaky shoes".   as one might expect given the name, they squeak when the child walks.   indi's a bit of a diva and loves trying on clothes, dressing herself in various cyndi lauper-like combinations, putting on my shoes, etc.  she fell IN LOVE with the squeaky shoes upon first step.  
 she wore them TO BED the first night and didn't take them off during the night.  she would scream anytime we tried to take them off!  she kept running around in them to hear them squeak.  it's so cute.  [although the other patrons at our local grocery may not agree as they heard her squeaking down the aisles.]  this morning, even with a 102 degree fever, she requested her squeaky shoes upon waking.  she said, "mama, mama, squeaky shoes!  squeaky shoes!  LOVE squeaky shoes!"  here's a pic of my sweet, sick baby in her pjs, mismatched socks, and squeaky shoes.


  1. Oh no...I'm so sorry your sweet girl is not feeling well! I'm sending out HUGE get well (in a hurry) wishes for her!
    You are NOT a cruel Mama..sometimes humor is the best defense & way better than losing it! :)
    P.S. LOVE the shoes...
    Hugs to Indi and to you Mama, cuz its hard when they are sick. :(
    Lisa C.

  2. oh, poor indi! she looks so sweet in those photos!

    don't feel bad about posting the photos. my mom took photos of me like that when i was little, and i think it's funny to go back and look at them! they are great pictures of life and a reminder that i wasn't the perfect child i thought i was!

  3. Cruel mama... I don't think that could be further from the truth!!! You are such a GOOD mama!!!

    I hope sweet little Indi is feeling better. The squeaky shoes... might this friend have bought them in China? I have never seen them sold in the U.S., but most people who come home from China bring a few pairs with them! :)



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