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Cribs, Fashion and the Teacher's Pet (an eclectic blog mix)

Yesterday I heard Indi crying and figured she was up from her nap.   I went to get her and found she had fallen back asleep on top of her Elmo doll with her legs sticking out between the crib rails by about 3 inches!

I've mentioned Indi's Clyndi Lauper style.  Here's an example.  I dressed her in the dress.  She added the pants, jacket, and shoes. She was also wearing my turquoise necklace for awhile.  If the girl wants her look to be "funky" I think she's got it down pat!

I picked Jude up from school a little early and was watching him play happily on the playground.  He was so content that even though he saw me, he had no inclination to come over to me (sniff, sniff!). Actually I am glad he loves school so much.  

I started chatting with his head teacher.  She told me that she is so thankful to have him in her class and that he's a "delightful boy".  She said he is polite to both teachers and students, always says please and thank you, is inquisitive, and engages well with all the other children.  She added that he's a natural leader and is a role model for the other students in the class.  WOW!  Dan questioned, "Did you ask how we can get him to act like that at home?!"  I said, "I did!"  At home he definitely likes to test the boundaries.  But all in all, he's a sweet boy!  So, that's my brag on my boy! Here are some photos of Jude today:  


  1. I love me some Cyndu Lauper! Love that funky style!

  2. Hey, that little lady has her own unique fashion sense! :)
    Wonderful praise for Jude from his teacher too; I bet you were beaming from ear to ear and deservedly so!
    Go give those kiddos an extra squeeze!!
    Lisa C.
    Cute pics. too!

  3. Isn't it soooo nice to hear wonderful comments about your children? One of the true pleasures of parenting. Good job mom! Sarah

    p.s. I'll post on our blog tomorrow. Thanks for the incentive! = )

  4. I love that style your daughter has. So cute! I love that age!

  5. Adorable....any news on ethiopia, email me privately, have not heard from you, hope all is well, you sign with AA? happy? Hope we can meet up and get the kids together with all the ladies and get a group pic!

  6. Hey, just me again! Missing your posts...I need my fix!! :) I hope you guys are, nasty bugs getting you down!!
    Lisa C.


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