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The Great Pumpkin gets Hammered!

What do you do with pumpkins after Halloween is over? We got this idea from Jude's school -- let the kids pound golf tees into the pumpkins. Jude thought this was a blast. Here are a couple pics and a video of the activity.

Note that we didn't get around to carving these pumpkins.  We did carve one.  We had planned to carve all three but Indi was sick this week.

A carpenter in the making

Like last Halloween, we were left wondering what to do with all of the candy.  We didn't want the kids to eat it all nor did we want to eat it.  So we started a new tradition. Tonight the kids will leave all of their candy at the front door. The Great Giant Pumpkin will then take their candy in exchange for a small gift. The kids get to keep their five favorite pieces and the rest go to the Great Giant Pumpkin. They're pretty excited about it!

Since this is a quasi-made up tradition we don't have all the details down yet.  Jude, for example, asked if Indi could get a small puppy from the Great Giant Pumpkin (Hereafter GGP).  Trapped, Dan said, "Well, he can't carry a puppy because pumpkins don't have thumbs."

Jude's come back, "Then how will he eat candy if he doesn't have thumbs."

"He must tip himself over, dump out the toys and shovel in the candy, Jude," I said.

Jude still looked puzzled but Dan had my back.  "That's right buddy.  We don't actually know very much about the GGP.  No one has ever seen him."  

That seemed to work.  What are we going to do when they are teenagers and we can't use things like the GGP and Santa Clause to get our way?


  1. Ohhhh, such good ideas! We bought 4 pumpkins too, only carved one . . . so wondering what we should do with the other 3-since we live on a golf course, maybe we'll even find a few tees laying around! :) Thanks for the idea-i know G will especially like it!

    And, i like the candy idea . . . do you then just throw it away-b/c i have to say, i've probably gained about 5 lbs. in the past few days eating so many kit kats and reeces peanut butter cups! UGH!!!!! :)

  2. we're going to have dan bring the candy to work. i've eaten so much candy that my stomach hurts!

  3. Very fun, and quite the new tradition. Brilliant!

  4. Oh, that was hilarious and I love the idea of pounding golf tees into the pumpkins....great idea!
    I also had to laugh about Mr. Jude's insightful questions....they keep ya on your toes don't they?!? :)
    How fun!
    Lisa C.

  5. great idea on the golf tees! I also like the candy idea? now why didn't I think of that all those years we did Halloween? I am glad you had a fun weekend!
    hugs from Houston,

  6. I love this idea!! I will have to use this idea next year..when we will have two kids bringing in candy!!! I hope you did keep all the good candy (Choc.)

    Michelle C, AL

  7. OK, so we're doing it tonight! The GREAT Pumpkin is coming to visit our front door step to grab that HUGE bowl of candy!
    They were really excited . . . although picking out the 5 pieces of candy was a little difficult for my son . . . he kept adding to his baggy. He didn't understand the concept of just 5! :)

    Anyhow, i'll let you know how it goes.

  8. LOVE. THIS. IDEA. You guys are such smart/cool parents!

    Andy just said today that we have to throw out the rest of the Halloween candy... the kids have eaten too much already!

    Love the kids hammering those pumpkins!!! :) Haha.



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