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Here are some cool things I've come across lately:

1. The Lion/Caretaker Reunion

Did you guys see this?! I guess it was the most popular video on You Tube this summer. Our friends, Chris and Dell, introduced us to the video this weekend. I couldn't believe it was real, but it is.  

So heart-warming!

Here's the video:

For more on the story, click here.

2. A friend of mine forwarded to me this article called "Why Don't Friends with Kids Have Time?". A single woman writes in to a "Dear Abby" type of column asking why her stay-at-home mom friends don't have time. I will admit that when I was married with no kids and working 60-70+ hours a week, I made a similar comment to my boss about my neighbor who was a stay-at-home mom. Boy, am I eating my words now!!! I had so much more time then, even working that many hours a week, than I do now. I think all mothers can agree that having kids changes everything!  

3. I got my
Seventh Generation e-newsletter today and they featured this great article on winter housekeeping.


  1. Rachel...Oh wow!
    I went from almost crying stunned & happy tears at the Lion reunion to hooting with laughter at the "Why Moms Don't Have Time" article! Then I found a solution to a cleaning issue in your newsletter(trying to go Green, thank you very much!!)....thank you, thank you!
    The "time" article did leave one thing out though.....blogging time! ;)~ Thanks for it all!

  2. A CHILD CHANGES E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! They're still cool, though.;)
    The Lion thing made me cry to.

    Its just cool.


  3. AHHH! That made me cry!!! (The lion, not the winter cleaning...although sometimes cleaning makes me want to cry).

    OK..I was just thinking TODAY that I can't believehow much more time I used to have! It is crazy, isn;t it? It doesn't make some kind of weird calculus problem.

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I've seen the lion video before. So touching-you got to just love animals! :)

    I saw a commercial the other day promoting having children and it was a mother and her baby, the baby is cooing and laughing and the mother is smiling so big and the end of the commercial says . . " A child changes everything."

    I started to laugh almost cry b/c i said that is SO true.
    Although, my commercial would go something like this . . a child throwing a tantrum on the floor, or poaring the box of rice all over the kitchen floor or throwing a toy and screaming, then have the end say, "A child changes everything!" :) haha.

    Anyhow, i'm rambling, but you get my gist-children are wonderful and can't imagine life w/out them at this point, but honestly they do change everything for the good and sometimes . . well, you know what i'm trying to say! :) haha . . .


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