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christmas tea and aunt kar-kar

it was chilly this morning when the kids and i headed out for our "forest walk".  livin' in the 'burbs, there aren't a lot of forests to be seen, but thankfully our subdivision has small areas which are undeveloped.  i never really thought of letting the kids play there, but when jude suggested it, i thought hey, why not!  and it has since become our tradition (for the last two days).  :)  indi was complaining about being cold (it was in the high 30s) so we turned back home.

when we came back, i made some "christmas tea" for the kids and me.  [it's actually cinnamon apple spice but the smell reminds me of Christmas.]  the kids were so enjoying feeling grown up, drinking their tea in mugs, when i remembered that i had small mugs made just for them that my aunt karen had given each of the kids when they were born.  they were made by a local potter and came in a set with a plate and a bowl.

as i watched the kids drink out of these special mugs, i thought about my aunt kar-kar (as the kids call her) and the graciousness and generosity that she has shown me over the years.  in college she sent care packages and made me a lap quilt.  she has sewn jude and indigo pillow cases and baby blankets.  she is jude's godmother, but always does something special for both kids for christmas.  more importantly, she has blessed me with her patience, understanding and advice.  there have been many o' phone conversation that i have boo hoo'd my way through as she sympathetically listened.  and it's not like the woman has a lot of spare time as the mother to FIVE, the wife of a busy dr, and a full-time homeschooler!  she validates me when i wonder if i'm the only mother that feels totally overwhelmed at times (!) and she encourages me in my role as wife and mother.  so much of what she does in her day-to-day life goes unrecognized.  that is why i would like to take this moment to recognize her. here's to you aunt kar-kar! may God richly bless you, now and always!



  1. What a special morning! Sounds like one impressive aunt. God is so cool for placing such people in our lives.

  2. Rachel, she just sounds wonderful! & I suspect that she would be the first to say that you have all blessed her in so many important ways too!
    What a lovely tribute to what sounds like a lovely women
    Lisa C.

  3. Hey! That was a nice post-it is good to have inspiration from others! :)
    You're an inspiration for me being crafty . . . well, not really-i don't think i'll ever be crafty! LOL! I am amazed by your talent of sewing those pants and doll-very cool! I just don't have the patience or time-but i commend you for it! they turned out so nice!!!

    Hey, i'd love to get that recipe for your cinammon tea. My kids would love that as well!
    Email me!

  4. FUN! I want some of those cups!
    Aunt Kar-Kar sounds like my kinda gal!


  5. what a blessing you aunt is to you! doesn't that make you want to be that someone special to someone else? to go above and beyond for another person!


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