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  1. I'll have to check out that book.

    The webinar sounds cool.

    Gus, way to relax, man. Way to relax.

  2. GUS!!!!!!!!!! i just love him.

    i also love the Christmas photo of the kids! very fun! and i will check out your book recommendation....i am excited to start traditions. so glad you put up a tree...M has helped both years and he really loves it!

  3. Oh gosh, I'm behind again! :(
    Your tree is lovely & its best when the kids do help! That was hard for me at first ( wrapped up in the whole wanting it to look great thing! ) but I wouldn't trade Laurens help & insights now for anything!
    Your posts always make me smile...except about the turkey neck part; huh? So not true btw! :)
    I know you didn't ask, but since you mentioned your new tradition ( which I love!! ) I wanted to pass on 3 spiritual kiddie books that you might like! Jude might especially like them!
    Room For a Little One: A Christmas Tale

    There Was No Snow On Christmas Eve

    The Littlest Christmas Tree ( very Earth friendly too!)
    I love these books cuz they bring the focus back on the baby Jesus and the magic is his birth.
    You are doing a great job, Mama!
    P.S. Why can't I ever leave a snappy & brief comment?? LOL

  4. Wow! Thanks for all of the recommendations! I just ordered them! Gotta love Amazon!

  5. Wow your daughter has grown up!!! that is not the same little girl who was at my house a few months ago. She's a big girl now!!

    BTW, I think I might be lame and NOT have a tree. We're going to my brothers and he'll have one so........ okay I feel guilty, maybe I'll buy a small one for their room.

  6. OK the picture is a hoot!
    He kinda looks like he is watching Indie or should I say "Keeping an eye on Indie"!


  7. Gus rocks!!!! Maybe you should start a blog - all about Gus. I think it would have a huge following. :)

  8. Oh, that book does look good! :) Thanks!

    We watched the Very First Noel last night! I just LOVE that movie!!!


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