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Christmas Joy!


  1. PURE joy for sure! LOVE those cuties and their expressions of delight! That's what it is really all about!
    How cool are those oversized christmas balls in the pool ( or fountain?) too! Is that your creative decorative touch?
    Glad your weekend was a nice one; how cool to have met another bloggy family!
    Lisa C.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I could just eat them up!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornaments in the water! Very Cool!


  3. Great Christmas Picture! Will that be your card?
    They look so happy!

  4. Great picture! Love the ornaments in the pool...what a great idea! I hate that we never got together before we moved...we are thrilled to be back to TN though! We are back in our old church and live less than a mile from our two closest friends and only two hours from my family! We love our house too! I am hoping to catch my blog up someday but I have been so busy just trying to get settled while also home schooling CJ. Keep us posted on your adoption process... we will keep praying that it goes smoothly for you! Merry Christmas!

  5. i can't take credit for the ornaments! this was taken at our local botanical garden.

  6. OK, i know, i need to update my blog more often-oy! it just takes time and time i don't really have these days! haha!
    When i do update . . . i just can't figure out what pics to eliminate so i just add them all! :)

    Hey, maybe you could send me your home address via our email so i can add you to my christmas card list!


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