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our trip to WI -- part 1

We had a great time in Wisconsin visiting family.  It was so wonderful to see our family and friends and for the kids to get to know some of their extended family that they don't see often.

My cousin, Kayla, invited us all over to her parents' house to make cupcakes with Jude.  She let him pick the kind (he chose chocolate) and the color of the frosting (blue).  He even got to add sprinkles at the end.  He was in heaven.   

Here's a picture of Jude with my dad (who he calls "Goo Goo").  He's a pastor and this was taken right after the Christmas Eve candlelight service.

On Christmas day, we went to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate with my dad's side of the family.  It was a blast!  They had lots of fun stuff for the kids to play with and even some new presents.

Back at my parents', the kids played a riveting game of "Good Night!"  For some reason, they love to pretend like they are going to sleep.  If they see a bed, they will definitely be playing this game!  Unfortunately, this does not transfer to bedtime.  

Indi spent some time playing in the snow.  She seemed to have less tolerance for the cold than Jude, who could stay outside for hours.  But she still really enjoyed it.  When she saw this picture today she said, "Indi plays in snow!" and wanted to keep looking at it. 


More pictures to come...


  1. Oh my gosh Rachel, what is your secret?? Your kids always seem like they are so sweet to one another! That's a beautiful thing. We don't really have that going on. Our kids play a lot AND fight a lot and I can't say there is much unsolicited hugging. = ) On an unrelated note, we have friends who just got a referral of a 2 y.o. girl from Ethiopia. She is SUCH a cutie!! I thought of you guys. In any case, I will be following along to see what 2009 brings for your family whether it includes an adoption or not. Happy New Year!! Sarah

  2. I do not know which is cuter, the cuddling in bed picture or the pink snowsuit picture! sweet sweet sweet!

    Happy New Year and Happy Belated Anniversary!

  3. sarah,
    oh my -- trust me, my kids DO fight! i'm breaking up fights all the time! i guess they're just affectionate, too. :)

  4. love the one of jude licking the beater! and of the kids in bed! they seem to love each other so must snap photos at just the right moment!

  5. A cloud of sweet pinkness in the snow and chocolate...there is nothing that I don't love about this post! :)
    Happy new year!


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