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Jar Opening and the Neti

This wikiHow article on how to open a difficult jar has really made my life easier!  My new jar opening method of choice is the Butter Knife Method.  WikiHow is such an awesome resource!  I have the Wikihow of the Day on my iGoogle homepage.  Love it!

I'd like to endorse a product that has become more like a member of the family -- the Neti Pot.

First, my disclaimer: I loved and used the Neti Pot long before Oprah deemed it the "nose bidet".  Let me tell you, if you have sinus problems the Neti will become your best friend.  Living in TX where the allergens are among the highest in the country, I use mine every day!  It works so well that I rarely need to use allergy meds.  It's become a part of my daily routine for a year and a half now (although I've owned one for over 4 years) and if I ever forget a day, I can totally tell.  It's like not brushing your teeth.  You just feel kinda grungey.  Yes, it's a little weird at first, but once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake.  I can even use mine while talking on the phone.  How's that for talent?!  :)  


  1. Rachel,

    I use the butter method too, but I was applying the knife in the wrong way! LOL I was striking the lid at an angle with the knife in a complete circle ...lots of noise too! I'm gonna try to new way the next time!

    I love that you share these websites and tips with us! Keep 'em coming as you can! :)


  2. What?!!? Explain please-what is the butter method??? And, what is a neti? I'm SOOO clueless! :)

  3. nicole,
    sorry, i guess this post wasn't all that clear! :) the butter knife method is one of the techniques listed in the wikihow article that i linked to, but i'll copy and paste here:

    Butter Knife Method
    Use the tip of a butter knife and wedge it between the lid and the jar.
    Continue to apply force like a lever, moving the knife all the way around the lid.

    i just use the butter knife in one or two places (like a lever) until i hear the seal pop and then it opens easily.

    The neti pot is a pot you use to pour water through your nose. gross, huh?! but, i'm tellin' ya -- it is awesome! you mix 6-8 oz of warm water with 1/4 tsp salt and pour away. it goes in one side and comes out the other. it's great to use when you have a cold or if you have allergies, or if you are prone to sinus infections. i hear that sinucleanse is good too. you can get that at the drug store as well. :)

  4. oooooh....the neti pot! it scares me a little! funy that you are a neti pot multi-tasker!!! hope you ate having a great week!


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