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Redirect: Ethiopian Orphanage Supplies + An Adoption Update

Tracy and Sean Lowery, an Adoption Avenues family, are collecting supplies for the orphanage in Ethiopia where we will be adopting our child.  I feel so honored to be able to contribute to this project! I have such a strong passion in my heart for the orphans in Ethiopia.  If you feel led to donate supplies to the orphanage, I encourage you to check out the Lowery family blog to learn more.

If you are wondering where we are in our adoption process, here's an update.  We recently learned that there has been a slow down in the court system in Ethiopia and adoption timelines are extending.  When you factor in the two months that the courts are closed for rainy season, it looks like it will take roughly 1 year to complete our adoption from the time our dossier (paperwork) is complete.  So, we are getting our act together and hope to complete our dossier by March.  We just mailed our change-of-country paperwork in to Immigration last weekend.


  1. I'll check out the site about sending a donation.

    Sorry that the Ethiopian timeline is extending. I hope you speed through your dossier compilation.

  2. WOOOHOOOO! Bring on that baby!


    I am lazy and I need the updates on my dashboard!


  3. Oh, I am happy to hear that things are in motion for your adoption! I'm sorry things have slowed down a bit! :( Nothing is ever predictable in IA is it?! Ugh!

    AND I spotted Indi's big day post! Wow! L trained right before her second birthday too, with no initial prompting from me; I (think) maybe sometimes it goes faster for girls. I hate to make comments like that, cuz there are always exceptions & I hate to stereotype....but...sometimes a pattern just holds!

    LOVED Jude's comment too about you needing space. He just rocks!

  4. I found your blog when looking at a JOH familiy blog. I have friends whose daughter is just home from Ethiopia (about a month) -- thought you might be interested in looking at their blog (I don't think I've written blog so many times in one paragraph):

  5. Thanks for sending people our way! The more people that can help the better it will be for the kiddos!


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