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Adoption and Petunias

We are still waiting for Immigration to approve our change of country request. We have been waiting for over 5 weeks now. My local social worker gave me the email address for immigration so that I could check on the status. I quickly received word from them saying our application was still *pending* and that it would be processed in the order it was received. In other words, we will need to wait our turn like everyone else.

Having had two pregnancies that lasted until almost 42 weeks, I have become fairly adept (or at least much better than before!) at waiting things out and trying to trust (through my impatience!) that the timing is in God's hands. Yesterday when I was at the post office mailing some adoption paperwork, a woman who befriended me in line said, "I believe the Lord will bring you the child that is meant to be raised in your family." So, in the delays, we need to believe this, too! We have everything else together now including our TX state background checks, which we just received yesterday. We are only waiting for one [very important!] piece of paper from Immigration.

To shift gears, I am so enjoying the winters here in Texas. The summers, not so much, but the winters -- I love them! We have a garden with broccoli, kale and collard greens in full bloom. Jude and I planted three hanging baskets yesterday. I haven't had the greatest luck with my hanging baskets so this is probably the best they will ever look:

My favorite tree, the Texas Redbud, is in bloom right now. I think they are beautiful!


  1. INS takes SOOOOOO long.
    I wish they would hurry up... I am ready to meet this baby or babies!

    love the flowers. I kill all of mine..but I like to look at other people's floweres.

  2. Sorry that you are having to wait. We are believing with you in God's timing.

    Flowers in April, oh I am envious!

  3. Waiting is hard no matter how you look at it... even when your head tells you God's timing is perfect, your heart says I WANT MY BABY! :)

    Hopefully your application is at the top of the pile at INS, right? And in the meantime, look at those gorgeous flowers you get to enjoy! I'm looking our my window at gray & brown right now. That Redbud tree is BEEYOOTIFUL!


  4. Hmmmm.....waiting.....I wouldn't know anything about that! :)

    While we're both waiting can I come to your house for a visit? then you can come here in the summer. :) Deal?

  5. Oh gosh, but it IS tough to wait, when the heart & soul have already been so patient! I too believe in HIS perfect timing, but in this day & age, when most folks can hardly wait for the red light to turn green at the stoplight, I think PAP deserve extra support while doing so!! :)

    So today my good thoughts and patience prayers are heading your way.....AND I HOPE HOPE your immigration approval arrives soon!!

  6. Ohhhh, so nice to see pictures of flowers-i am so gealous! Would love to live there right now-it's miserable and cold-it was thunderstorming yesterday, and light flurries today-WHAT! Crazy weather here in Chi-town!

  7. Sorry you are still waiting. Love the flowers!


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