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1 Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of the start of our adoption journey.  We probably have about a year to go.  So, we're halfway there!  We have the paperwork and hague training behind us.  We completed our [27 page!]service plan required of us when we were with JOH.  We read over 900 pages of adoption literature, again required by JOH, in addition to personal reading on adoption.  With all of that behind us, we have a lot to look forward to!  Now if only immigration would send us our change of country approval... we could get our dossier to Ethiopia!  Yes, we are still waiting.  Every day, I go to the mailbox thinking it will be "the day" and alas, every day I go home empty handed.  


  1. Hi Rachel!! You'll get your country change!! Hang tight! We are waiting for that, too. Happy 1/2 point!

  2. Hey, well, it's Friday the 13th- surely that's your lucky day, right?

    Happy one-year anniversary! I pray you will get word from immigration soon!

  3. ONE YEAR!!!!!
    has it really been that long?
    We have got to light a fire under some USCIS butt!

    But on a happy note...
    During that year...
    ya met me and "on your death bed you will recieve total you got that going for ya".

    Ok Dan..Name the movie!

  4. dan says caddyshack? i have no idea. never seen it...

  5. isn't it crazy to think how fast ...and yet how slow...this year has been? can;t wait for the post that has good news of moving forward!!!!

  6. LOL!

    Ladies & Gentlemen.....
    We have a winner.

    This is going to be fun!

    And Rachel...Baby..You have to start watching better movies or your not going to be able to play.


  7. andrea, dan says you're one of the funniest people he knows!

  8. it was so good to 'catch up' with you on your blog. One year huh? We are at 5 months and will have the last thing in the mail to the SW for the HS on Monday. Then I will start working on the dossier stuff. I will be praying we will both hold our children soon!

  9. One year. This journey is filled with milestones, isn't it. Hope you get some happy mail ASAP!

  10. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I recognized what I thought was the Children's Museum in Houston...And then I got hooked while reading that you're waiting for your international adoption. I just wanted to say, hang in there, it will happen. I remember what it felt like to wait (about a million years!). Our older daughter is adopted from China, and she just turned 7 this month. Best of luck to you and your family.
    Luci Chambers (writing from the hubby's gardening blog, haha)


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