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Gardening Extravaganza

Last month I received these wildflower cards as a thank you for making an Etsy order. They are wildflower seeds embedded into recycled paper on a card. After you're done enjoying the card, you can plant it and, supposedly, wildflowers result. Made by another Etsy seller, I thought this was an excellent concept!

The kids and I decided to plant them as well as get a start on our summer garden.

Jude got the soil ready -- okay, and I helped a little, too.

Time to plant the cards:

Next, they needed a little water.

Gus the Bus laid around, taking it all in!

Next, we were on to the garden. The first year we moved here (so three years ago now) I was very meticulous in my gardening practices and had the *least* amount of success. Now we have this hogde-podge garden and it's been working out -- don't want to get too confident and jinx myself for this summer, though. :)

As you may recall, last October we posted this about our winter garden. I mentioned "collards galore" and frankly, this season was slim pickin's (no pun intended) for collards. We had plentiful kale and broccoli, though. The avocado tree that grew out of our compost pile did not survive, but I read that they generally don't in central Texas.

Back to the hodge-podge garden, Dan found some potato plants growing, again in our compost pile, and planted them. I was pretty skepical that this was the proper way to propagate potatoes, but, as it turns out, he was right. Here they are. We'll see what happens!

I found some green bean seeds laying around and the kids couldn't wait to plant them. I'm a novice when it comes to planting from seed (usually we plant transplants) so this was a fun little adventure for me. [Ah, how times have changed that I would call planting from seed an "adventure"!]

Indigo wandered around while Jude and I got the garden ready.

I read on the seed directions that the seeds needed to be soaked overnight. The kids were disappointed that they couldn't plant that day, but were eager to soak the seeds.

Jude and Indi planted the seeds today. Jude's big into a fireman stage, so he spent the entire day (at music class, at a restaurant for lunch and, of course, around the house, clad in firefighter garb)

Time to water them in.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Indigo got upset about something and we ended the gardening experience with her having a tantrum.

But, to end on a happy note, my petunias are still alive and my beautiful fushia from my dear friend, Mindy, is thriving


  1. How fun to catch up with your family! You guys did some beautiful gardening work! I can't wait to see those potatoes! I did a bunch of seeds this year. I hope mine from woo : ) Miss you & big hugs!

  2. p.s. I am on my old blogger account (oops) It's Shannon from roomformorekiddos : )

  3. Love those outdoor experiences...and your back porch!

  4. Those wildflower cards ARE great!

    We planted a garden for the first time last year, and it did quite well....the boys really got into it, and they ate all the veggies like it was candy! Gotta love
    it:-). Our biggest crop was pumpkins....we had so many to decorate and carve in the was great.

    We won't be able to plant for a couple months...but I can't wait...there's nothing like fresh veggies from your own garden.

    You've got some really cute gardeners on your hands...loved the fireman jacket when watering....adorable!

  5. Don't ya just LOVE Spring???
    I bet those taters grow.
    They look good.


  6. SO FUN! You really have a great garden going on! We need to plant some veggies, so good reminder for me. Thanks for teh pic of GUS! Made my day!

  7. Those cards are too cool, you'll have to let us know how they work out. And your garden looks great, how cute that the kids help! I so want to start a garden, I just have no idea how! :) Super cute pictures!


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