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Adoption, Muffins, and Room Redesign

I was drinking my coffee around 9:30 this morning.  Dan got the coffee ready for me in advance, so my only job was to push "On". I'll take this kind gesture over chocolates or flowers any day!  The kids slept in until 9, which has become routine around here (although I hesitate to put that in writing, in fear that it will come to an end!).  The phone rang and it was Dan calling to tell me that, based upon the Fed Ex charge on our credit card statement it looks like our dossier left for Ethiopia on Saturday! Wow, what a morning!!!!

So we made strawberry muffins!

Shifting gears, I went to the fabric store this weekend to pick out fabrics for Indigo's bedroom.  We never did a nursery or special room for our kids here because they've never really had their own rooms until recently.  They slept in our bed, then in our room, and also across the hall from us, but our house layout is "master on the main" and our kids' bedrooms are upstairs. They are finally independent enough to enjoy sleeping up there now.

But we have some work to do.  Here's Indi's bedroom now: 

Dan's taken apart most of his drum set, but one remnant remains. And check out the curtain old, tattered quilt that Dan nailed to the wall after we discovered while on vacation that Indi slept longer in a dark room. We have no shame!

I'm thinking of doing a fairy theme for her. I found these panels two weeks ago at the fabric store, but brought Dan back to see them this weekend and weigh in.

While I was looking at some other fabrics, the kids became increasingly bored and restless, so Dan took them outside to give me some peace (thank you, hon!) and he captured this sequence of Indi:

He also took this pic of Jude:

We are loving our new camera!


  1. Yay on the adoption news, love the fairy theme and 9am, I am SO jealous! Adorable pictures of the kids as always, they are so cute in their aprons!
    Have a great week!

  2. YOUR KIDS SLEEP TILL 9AM???? Are you kidding me? That's AWESOME! What time do they go to bed. (If it is before 8PM don't tell me!) If Sawyer sleeps till 6:00AM we jump for joy and call it "sleeping in". Chloe will sleep till 6:30, so we think she's a real champ!

    WOO HOO on your dossier taking off for Ethiopia! I'm seriously excited for you guys! I get butterflies thinking about you getting a referral. I just love seeing families made- what a joy to be part of!

    I LOVE Indi's haircut!!! It's so fashionable!

  3. WooHoo on your dossier! Woohoo on 9AM (We thought our 8AM rocked.)! Woohoo to strawberry muffins!

  4. how in the world do you get J and I to sleep until 9???????????? what time do they go to bed?

    indi's room looks like M's. it is totally bare bones because he has always been instantly interested in anything he sees upon wakening...and it's dark in there due to the trash bags on teh windows! so i am glad to see he's not the only one who didn't get a superfab nursery!

    indi's haircut is so adorable! and hooray for FEDEX! hope you are doing well!

  5. they probably fall asleep around 9p. we get them in bed by 8:30ish on most nights. but, trust me, we went through plenty of sleep woes before getting to this point. and who knows how long it will last?

  6. Wow...I'm so behind and there are so many yummy tidbits in this post! Thank you! First LOVE the beautiful clear and simply irrestible!! Your kiddos are so darling!

    AND then.....sleeping until 9 a.m....oh please do share the secret my friend....pretty please?? :) I hope it continues ALL summer!

    AND then...oh yeah, the dossier is on its way! Hurrah! I'm smiling big......a huge step!

    The Fairies are gorgeous much you can do with it also!
    Your deliquent buddy....


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