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Making its way to Ethiopia...

Yesterday, we Fed Exed our dossier to Radu, the director at Adoption Avenues. He received it today and within hours of having it in his hands he had his part of our paperwork notarized, certified by the Secretary of State, and it's now on its way to be authenicated in Washington DC.  Very impressive, huh?!  I read that process takes about 10 days and then our dossier will be off to Ethiopia.  Our "waiting" for a referral does not officially begin until our dossier is registered in Ethiopia.  That could take another few weeks.  So, my best guess is that our dossier will be registered in June.  We are told that we will wait 4 months for a referral, so we should receive our referral this fall-ish...  Maybe October?!  Of course, there are no guarentees with international adoption, so this timeline is merely a guesstimate.  

That brings me to our next announcement.  We have decided to adopt one infant girl vs twins.  We thought long and hard about adopting twins.  For awhile, we were convinced that we should adopt twins.  But then we received some wise council from a couple who had "been-there, done that"!  They gently reminded us that having 4 kids, 5 years and younger could be very difficult.  Dan generally works 50-60 hour weeks and we don't have any family around to help us out.  When we considered this, along with our parenting style ("attachment" parenting), we ultimately decided that for now, adopting one child would be in the best interest of all involved.

So, that's that.

In other news, Jude decided to play "barbershop"

while I was sorting laundry and gave Indi a mullet.  I took her to  a stylist to get it cut/fixed professionally and the stylist turned it into a little bob. It looks a little Ramona Quimby-ish.

I'll post pics soon, because... I GOT MY CAMERA TODAY!!!  But the battery needs to be charged.  Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pics!

Oh and Jude got his first Bible today.   

My baby's growing up!


  1. Oh I am so very excited to hear your dossier is close to being on it's way overseas! Also, I am VERY happy to hear you have your new camera. I am soooo sorry Indi's golden locks have been lopped : (

    I remember D's first Beginner's Bible. Such sweet times. BTW when I had three kiddos 5 and under Rhea was working 50 hour weeks. It was nuts and a blur : ) love you and miss you!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see the new haircuts! :) And, thanks for googling the birds nest thing-Hmmmm-it should be any day now! :)
    Love your convo w/ Jude about "cheetos" SO FUNNY! Gotta love them!

  3. Congrats! I will pray for God's hand to be on your paperwork. Our hearts are tugging for Ethiopia as well. Did you read about the formula shortage on Tom Davis' blog?

    Can't wait to see pics of your little Ramona!

  4. Congratulations - I know how exhilerating it is to send that off! That is great to hear your decision about your referral request. I know you guys have put a lot of thought and prayer into that.

    oops - poor Indi - we have been there a few times with our kids and it will grow :)

  5. Rachel,

    Woo-hoo!! Congratulations on your dossier being 'almost there'. Wheew:-)! It seems like the delays were for a good reason (as they usually are;-) in order to possibly give you the time you needed to make your decision about 1 or 2;-). God is good!

    As for Indi's haircut...can't wait to see the before and after shots! LOL. I think this happens to everyone of us at least once with every kid!!! This is great scrapbooking material and of course, memories for years to come!


  6. Congratulations, how exciting that progress is being made on the adoption! I really didn't know that is takes SO long to go through all of this.

    I can't wait to see pictures of the new haircut! We had our first "self haircut" with Alexa already so hopefully we don't have to do that again! :)

    YAY for having your camera back!

  7. YAY!!!!
    Can't wait to mee the new little one.
    Why do boys ALWAYS cut someone else's hair?????
    You hardly ever hear of a little boy taking scissors to their own hair..but all the other kids in the room better run!
    What is up with that??

  8. Congratulations on the dossier! What a relief to have it out of your hands!

  9. @ Joy and Tami, SO relieved to hear that this has happened with your kids, too!

    @ A, i wanted to tell you that you FINALLY stumped dan with your last "band" comment. he has not seen that movie. go you!!!!

  10. That is wonderful news and godspeed for your dossier now! I'm so glad that things are moving forward!

    And I think your decision is the best decision for your family at this time in your lives. I always imagined I would love to have twins, but I do understand that reality of twins is so busy! I have a close friend with triplets and have watched her struggle to just enjoy the simple pleasures with each one......another baby girl will add such joy and blessings to you family!

    Yay for the camera too....and boo on the haircut, though I'm sure she's darling!

  11. Congratulations--it's a big milestone. Our dossier was logged into Ethiopia last week. We're using Dove, which refers children Toukoul too. Best wishes.

  12. I am SO excited to be able to tag along for your adoption journey! Being able to see other families bring their kids home makes the wait less excruciating for me! I am SO very excited to see the little one God has chosen just for you! And, you know, good decision on the twins. I too love the idea of twins, but you, know, that advice you got is VERY wise- especially for attachment parenting!!

    Love that Bible! We've read through it twice, and i think my kids have really learned a lot!

  13. WOOT! WOOT!
    I Know a Movie Dan doesn't know!!!
    WOOT! WOOT! that the celebration is over...tell him to get it...But it has a few cuss words so wait unitl the kids are in the bed.




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