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Lunch Rut and Some Randomness

Does anyone have any good ideas on what to make for lunch?  I am in a lunch rut.  We're not big sandwich people and sandwiches seem to be the lunch staple. Ideas?  Recipes?  Leave them in my comments and I will be most grateful!  :) 

Not much new here.  

I am waiting to hear if our dossier has been logged into the Ethiopian court system.  We are thinking of naming the baby Vera.  

I have been shopping the sales racks, trying to pull together our kids' bedrooms.  Now if only we could get Jude to sleep in his room all night...

Our new neighbors thought Indigo was a little boy.  She was playing outside in Jude's old pjs and they asked Dan how old our two sons were.  Ha ha!  Dan replied, "Oh, we have one son and one daughter, but our son cut our daughter's hair and she's wearing his old pjs!"  


  1. Have you tried pita bread pizzas? I spread pizza sauce on whole wheat pitas then add toppings. My little lady really likes them.

  2. Hi Rachel....Don't think I'll be much help as we are mostly sandwich people here:-). Other than that, I'll sometimes make pasta, or we'll stuff pita pockets with red pepper hummus, lettuce, and cucumbers with lightly drizzled balsamic dressing.


  3. always looking for new lunch ideas myself so i'll be curious to see what others say! we often do quesadillas with fresh guacamole, soup & sandwiches, hummus and crackers with fruit/veggies, leftovers, we've done the whole wheat pizzas but haven't done them in awhile....eggs, chicken with honey for dipping, hmmm...can't think of anything else right now. hope you get some good ideas! what's your "rut"? maybe it's something new and exciting for the rest of us! (by the way, i did get on a green smoothie kick last summer and felt ok if my kids only had that and something else little to go with it since it is chock full of so much goodness!)

  4. nope, shannon, unfortunately our rut is nothing exciting. we usually do pasta, grilled cheese or leftovers. sometimes rice and beans.

    my kids are always wanting pasta.

  5. Oh gosh, all of you are serving way more interesting things than I do! Lauren is picky at lunch but does love turkey hot dogs and salads with cherry maters and ranch dressing on the side.

    Also for fun, sometimes we just take our normal ole lunch, spread a blanket on the floor ( or outside if weather permits) and make it a picnic! Changing the scenery helps a bit!

    Finally I know you guys garden....I will take angel hair pasta and drizzle it with light Olive Oil and let Lauren choose her "own" herbs from the herb garden for garnish and flavor. She loves being in charge of it all! :0

    The pic. of Indi is soooooo sweet and lovely!

    OH, almost forgot...sometimes I just let her use her chopsticks with any lunch item just for fun! (Even triangles of grilled cheese!)That jazzes things up a small bit!

  6. I'm in the SAME rut! I feel like we eat the same stuff every day! UGH. Recently, "nachos" are the "in" food for lunch: blue corn chips sprinkled with cheese and dipped in Newman's Own Pineapple salsa. But, mostly, it is sandwiches. VERY boring.

  7. I so know how you feel with the lunch rut! We also like to do pita pizzas, Alexa thinks it's fun to help! (And it's really good with fresh tomatoes cut up instead of sauce.) We will also grill a bunch of chicken at a time so there's a bunch of leftovers and then eat just chicken or make quesadillas or rice with chicken in it or chicken tacos. Sometimes we'll seriously just have a bowl full of almonds, cashews and a bunch of fruit. Some mom I am, huh!?! :) Wish I could be more help. But I totally agree with whoever said just changing the atmosphere...we like to go to the river and picnic or eat out on the deck or anywhere "new" and different!

  8. Love , love, love the name Vera!!
    Will come back and leave a recipe later:)


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