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We're up in Wisconsin, enjoying the cooler temperatures and the time together as a family on "Gaga's farm." Yesterday, we spent part of the day at a place called Fawn-Doe-Rosa. Here they rescue injured animals. It's basically a huge petting zoo. The kids loved it.


  1. We just went there today!!

    Anyway, you all must have made it up here safe and sound. I bet your family is so happy to have you "home" and see the kids of course!

    And great pictures, your family is just absolutly adorable!!

  2. Yay! I was so hoping to see this post...and it looks like you are enjoying every moment at Gaga's farm. :) And I KNOW they must be loving every moment you guys are there too!!

    And the pictures???!! Just looks so peaceful and kid friendly; what a sanctuary for animals and kiddos alike!....Jude & Indi must have LOVED this day!! And the photo of Indi with the bunny....oh my precious!!

    Enjoy ALL of this special time!! So happy for y'all...and hey, we should be getting some sunshine in the Midwest tomorrow!! Yay! :)

  3. FUN!! Some major 'Aaawwwess' going on here:-). Looks like you had the place to yourself??!!

  4. tam,
    now that you mention it, there really weren't many other people there. i think we saw one or two other families. which was good for indigo, because she did *not* want to part with/share that rabbit! there was a pretty colorful tantrum as we said our good-byes to the bunnies!

    That is so sweet!
    I love the picture of Dan feeding the llama over his shoulder!
    Looks like a great day!
    And yes!those are 7th gen dipes..haven't had a rash since 2005.


  6. Awww-so cute! I love animals-such a nice place-i can't believe you can get that close to them!
    Glad you arrived safely!
    Happy 4th!

  7. What a neat place. We look for as many ways as we can to connect our kids with nature. Yea for you!


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