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Pillowcase Dress Party

Ok, so for those of you who have asked, you can find the pillowcase dress pattern here. You don't have to be limited to pillowcases, though. I have been making dresses for younger girls (ages 2-4ish), so I am not using pillowcases. However, if someone sends me a pillowcase, I will definitely use it.

I made this dress out of a shirt of mine that was in good condition, but no longer fit me.

Indigo calls the above dress the "zebra dress" and, boy oh boy is she jealous that it does not belong to her! This has made me wonder how jealous she will be of the new baby. I guess it's inevitable. It's hard to be "dethroned" as we jokingly call it around here.

I made this dress (for Little Dresses for Africa) out of some fabric that I had:

And I did make a dress for Indigo. She was begging me for a dress like the one in my last post, made from butterfly fabric. So I complied. These dresses are fast to make, so it's easy. The dress is not staying up because it's not tied properly. It's hard to tie a dress on a moving little girl.

On to the subject of this post. I was trying to get ideas/inspiration for how to get the word out on these pillowcase dresses. I came upon this blog where the blog writer had the idea of having a pillowcase dress party. You don't need to be able to sew to join in on the fun! Some people can iron, or pin, or cut little details to add to the dress. These women made all of the dresses out of pillowcases and they are absolutely gorgeous. You have got to check out her site. Most bloggers don't like other people taking photos from their sites, so I'm not going to post the pics here. But get over there and check 'em out! You will be impressed, I guarantee it. I can't wait to host a pillowcase dress party here!

Finally, remember that late night tunic I was working on that I accidentally ruined by cutting a Texas-sized hole in it? Well, my mother-in-law encouraged me to re-make it, just for the satisfaction of it. So I did, and it was pretty easy this time around since I knew what I was doing. Anyway, here it is:

The pattern is called the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler.


  1. Those dresses are all so cute, you're so awesome for making them for those little girls! What a great gift for them. And seriously with every new post you do about sewing I am getting closer and closer to getting a sewing machine! Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas! :) Indigo is as adorable as ever of course and I really like the shirt you make for yourself, the tie thing is really cute. I am going to try to remember to grab some cute pillowcases next time we're out and I will get ahold of you for your address to send them your way!

  2. Darling, darling dresses! I also spotted your previous post and oh my gosh, simply imagining the joy your lovely efforts will bring to a sweet little girl makes my heart sing! I'm humming here and smiling.....just thinking about it!

    Also...darling darling sweet Miss Indi! Love that big smile she always wears with her pretty things! :) She looks just like an angel!

    I will stay tuned for your dress party....I wanna help in some way if I can!!

  3. The dresses are so cute. And the pillowcase dress party sounds like a lot of fun.


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