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Two Months

Today, our dossier has been registered in Ethiopia for 2 months. That means we have officially been waiting 2 months for a referral.

In Ethiopia, the courts generally close for rainy season. My understanding is that this year the courts will close from late August-Sept and reopen in October. So, even if we received a referral today, we would not be given a court date until after the courts reopen in October. Agencies can continue to give referrals while the courts are closed, but court dates are not issued until the courts re-open. Last year the courts got backlogged after the court closure and are still running behind! So who knows what will happen this year (not to be pessimistic!)?

There is just no way to know exactly what the future will hold when it comes to international adoption. When we first started this journey, I tried to gather as much info as I could from the adoption boards/blogs, maybe as a way to feel like I had some control over this uncontrollable process. Now I have done a complete 180 and don't even bother trying to stay on top of all of the latest. I still read our adoption yahoo group, but I'm not scouring the Internet trying to find any tidbit I can get my hands on related to timelines. I really believe it will happen when the timing is right.

In the meantime I will pray. I will pray for our baby in Ethiopia -- that she would be safe and well cared for and that she would feel loved. I will pray for our baby's birth mother -- that she would have peace and that God would protect and comfort her, and she would feel His love. I cannot imagine the grief involved in making a plan for adoption, even if you do believe the child will have a "better" life.

I'll end with a sewing story. I had been working on making a shirt for myself using Amy Butler's Anna Tunic pattern. Personally, I found this pattern to be pretty tricky. For you sewers out there, let's just say I used my seam ripper A LOT on this project. I finally finished it and it was too tight under the arms, even though I had tried it on as I went. So I spent a couple of hours trying to fix it. I got it fixed and it was perfect

It was 12:30 am by this point and I decided to be picky and cut away part of the lining that wasn't quite right and -- SNIP -- i cut the shirt (see the hole on the upper right side).

I think it's beyond repair. This shirt just was not meant to be. But I'm going to hold onto it in order to reuse the fabric. Maybe something for Indi?

And speaking of ms Indigo, here she is with her new haircut. I think it's one of the few photos I have of her where she's not smiling. She is one happy girl!


  1. Sweet Girl-
    The waiting is the hardest part.
    Knowing that God has chosen your baby for you before YOU were created is just so hard to fathom.
    But she is there....
    With a bright smile and shining eyes- She waits for her Mama to hold her. She waits for he Daddy to tell her that the world is waiting for her to come and change it for the better..
    The wait is hard...but it is worth every second . trust me..I have been there. TWICE.


  2. thank you, andrea, for the beautiful words of encouragement. they are a blessing to me. i plan to write them in my adoption journal, so i will always remember them... and the wise, amazing woman who wrote them to me! :)

  3. OMG... I would have cried over that shirt... but I guess you have to put things in perspective... Waiting is SO HARD! Hoping you end up one of the lucky ones with a quick referral!

  4. WOW! Has is been 2 months already??? That's crazy! Remind me how long the wait is "estimated to be". I know those timelines mean virtually nothing, but I'm curious what they are saying!

    I'm praying for you as you wait. In some ways, I think the wait for those of us in China is almost *easier*. Not EASY, but to wait knowing your referral is just around the corner is a bit different from waiting for your child when you have NO earthy idea what will happen or when. For me, that helps me to just put it out of my mind and live life- hoping one day to get a happy surprise. Once things get close, for me, it is much harder to wait.

    Love the shirt......sorry it didn't work out. That's frustrating. I hate when I do stuff like that to myself!!

  5. Jenna,
    we were told the wait would be 3-4 months, however, there are people who have been waiting 5 months and still do not have a referral. so we shall see!

  6. Don't give up on that shirt yet - it is soooo cute. With that amount of pattern to the fabric, I think you could fix the tear and add some decorative stitching or hell go ol' fashioned and wear a broach:)

  7. Congrats that your paperwork has been in country for awhile now. I need to add your blog to my sidebar...I am sorry I have not stopped by to see what has been going on with you and yours in some time.
    Looks like you have been very busy sewing...good for you, I was a fashion major in college and I have sewn more clothes then I care to share, but I think it is awesome you have taught easy task. Even with the experience I have in sewing I have had plenty of those tunic mishaps where a hole or something shows up accidently and pretty much ruins your hard work and your patience. Keep up the good work, and you will learn so much so quickly and it will be fun to teach your girls to sew someday!!! A talent most people are jealous of:)

    We waited in the end 3 years for Hayden. I must tell you that while it is so hard, the waiting melts away the minute they hand you your daughter. Hayden was worth every second of waiting, every pain in my heart, and there is no doubt that child was created to be my daughter!!! I look forward to the day I see you holding your newest daughter and you are a family of 5!!


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