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You Win Some, You Lose Some...

This weekend I sewed a dress for Indigo. It's been really hot here so I wanted to make a light, twirly sun dress. I used the Analise Pattern by Portabellopixie. I stayed up until 2 am working on it. I couldn't wait to try the dress on Indi this morning, but, for whatever reason, it came out too tight in the bodice. Seems to be the theme of my weekend!

Fortunately, I think it will work for our next baby when she's 18 months old or so -- depending on her size. And the nice thing about this dress is it can be pair with a t-shirt like this

in cooler weather. I'm thinking it would be cute with leggings or even jeans?

So this outfit will be saved for our next baby. However, I am not going to consider this my first outfit for her. I cannot wait to make that outfit, but I want to make it with intention, knowing it will be specifically for her. I want to be thinking of her when I choose the fabric and while I am sewing it. I don't want her first outfit to be something that didn't work out for Indigo. Before I can sew her first outfit I need to wait to see how old and big she is. So, I'll be waiting until we get our referral (seems to be a recurrent theme on my blog lately, huh?!) to start sewing. We'll consider this the baby's "unofficial" first outfit made by me.

After having three sewing flops this weekend, I decided to do something else to relax tonight. It got me thinking about how, these days, I often
do something in order to relax. Maybe it is researching things online, or reading blogs, or lately it's been sewing. When I was pregnant with Indigo, I was vigilant about truly relaxing. I knew I wanted to have a natural childbirth, so I diligently spent part of each day relaxing in preparation. I would do relaxation exercises or take a bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil or sip hot tea. I think it is so important to commit at least a few minutes of each day to recharge like this -- being not doing. I'd like to get back into this habit.


  1. Sorry that the dress didn't fit. It is adorable.

    Intentionally relaxing is such a good practice. You are an inspiration!

  2. That dress is absolutly adorable! I think it would look really cute with jeans too. Indigo is also one of the cutest things ever...I just love love love her hair, what a sweetie!

    I am so happy for you guys and this adoption, I just can't wait for it to move ahead! You can just hear it in your typing how excited you are about everything. She is going to be one blessed little girl to be joining your family!

  3. Man... sometimes sewing can be so frustrating! You could always start a quilt!

  4. what a precious dress! oh, talented one...can you send some skill my way!? i hear you about the relaxing! i can never seem to just sit down with nothing to do and just pamper myslef! let me know if you get back into doing it!!!

  5. I love the idea that you will purposefully make your beautiful new daughter's first outfit upon seeing her beautiful face. What a glorious project of love that will be.

    This latest dress is lovely too; and you are making lemonade out of it,tucking it away for your Ethiopian princess.

    I really thought about what you shared about "trying" to relax and you are so right on! I often find myself wondering throughout the day if/when I will make that happen...yes, when did it become to schedule for myself? Ack!

    As always, so thought provoking AND I 2 months already into your gosh, I hope it won't be long now. I too learned once upon a time that there is little to no control over the timing of IA and there is a certain peace in letting that go! Good for you!

    Hugs and keep showing us your gorgeous creations!! :)

  6. Don't just DO something. . . sit there. . .


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