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Good Times

There's no party like the after-party, so here are some pictures of the festivities.

Jude's friend, Aiko. Aiko has celebrity status around here. Anytime she comes to visit, her arrival is a much heralded event.

Dell with 4 more weeks until baby is due. The hairy arms are Chris', her husband.

The lovely Mindy. AKA, Mermidia or Mindigo.

Indigo was so pooped at the end of the night that she took her blanket and laid down on the tile floor. The sign of all good after-parties are guests passed out on the floor, right?

Beautiful gladiolas -- a gift from Mindy

On Sunday we had some low key family time. Dan played puzzles with the kids. Note the dinosaur (or as Jude would say, "Fire Breathing Dragon") costume on Jude... that's day three in that thing. If our blog had a scratch and sniff feature, you'd slam your laptop closed and cringe!

Then he and Indigo made dinner together -- our favorite meal -- a Liberian style collard green dish. Nice ink, huh?

Our family is officially partied out. Our next party will hopefully be our referral party. We were told it would happen by November 1. We shall see...

P.S. If Jude is still wearing the dragon costume by then, someone needs to call the health department.


  1. HA! I love this post!
    Aiko is such a cutie and Dell looks fabulous for being so close to having a baby! The picture of Indigo on the floor is GREAT! And yes, a true sign of a good party! :) All the flowers around your house are beautiful and I still just love that table cloth you made! Love the family time and the picture of Dan and the kids. Yes, nice ink too. :) And I noticed Jude in the dragon costume before I even read that part, funny! Didn't I say when you first posted about those that they would probably be getting a lot of use before Halloween actually came around! :) He's adorable! And YAY for November's coming so fast, I'm so excited to hear about it!!
    Okay, now I'm done. :)

  2. Too cute!

    November 1st! Yahoo! Saying an extra prayer for you now.

  3. Great Times, not just Good Times! :) Love the comment about the hairy arms. Didn't see them at first! Looking forward to the next party:)

  4. Oh my gosh, this post was just pure fun! I actually felt the glow & satisfaction of hosting a wonderful party...and I'm only peeking in after the fact! :)

    LOVE LOVE your fire breathing dragon and little cooking Miss! At least it makes getting dressed easy for Jude on the weekends! *big grin*

    You deserve some pampering now & to be the guest for a bit!! Actually I believe being the guest of honor at your referral party would be JUST RIGHT!!!! I just cannot wait until you see that sweethearts face and then can shout it to the blogosphere!!

    SOOOO hoping your good news comes super soon!!
    big hugs!!!!

  5. I know, I'm a broken record, but OH Jude and Sawyer would be best buds. When Sawyer gets a new costume, there is NO getting him out of it. By the time Halloween rolls around, the costume is OLD HAT! :)

    Love the after-party pics- especially Indy on the floor with her blanket.

    I cannot, cannot believe this is *hopefully* your month!!! I'm seriously GIDDY!!!! WOO HOO- come on referral! I could use a dose of seeing a family experience the joy of seeing their child's face for the first time! I'll be stalking your blog extra this month!


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