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Jude's First Day of School

Today was Jude's first day of school. He's in Pre-K this year and will be going on M-W-F. We had a great summer together but he was also very excited for school to begin. He loves his school, his friends, and his teachers. It is one awesome place and completely embraces our philosophy of learning through play!

Here's the traditional first day of school photo. My baby is growing up. sniff, sniff

Here's Jude trying to foil my picture taking attempts as Indigo looks on adoringly.

Here are the kids fighting as we try to head out the door, as per the usual.

Have I mentioned that Dan calls them "frenemies" -- best friends; worst enemies?

Thank you all so much for the fabulous baby shower ideas! I think I'm going to incorporate these ideas:

1. having the cake match her nursery theme

2. having each guest make a stenciled onesie for the baby using freezer paper stencils and fabric paint. I am so loving this idea!

If you'd like to do this yourself, check out this Flickr freezer stencil group for inspiration. My kids are begging for the robot (Jude) and the owl (Indi).

3. The watermelon baby carriage. Dan thinks he's up for the watermelon carving challenge.

4. Finally, the diaper cake. I've given Dell my tiny baby sized cloth diapers, but we both agreed it would probably be in her best interest to have some disposables around, especially in the early weeks.

I do have a question about the diaper cake, for those of you who have received one. Does rolling up the diapers to make the cake ruin them at all? When you unroll them a couple of months later are they still totally functional? If not, this would be a deal breaker for me.

Thank you all so very much for the ideas. I am really excited!


  1. OH my gosh, I love the Indi looking on with adoration pic!! AND Jude does somehow look so much more grown up...when did that happen???...wishing him a grand first day and so tickled that he loves his school soooo much! So important!!

    AND I love all the baby shower ideas you received; its going to be beautiful!! We will need pictures of course!

    The diaper cake(rolling) does not ruin the diapers and you can use varying sizes to make the "tiers" of the cake. Our diapers were fine....not as flat, but completely functional!

    And lastly....the kids look adorable, whether they be best friends or enemies! LOL Dan is a clever guy! :)

  2. hey rachel - my diapers in the diaper cake i received weren't rolled - at least as far as i can remember. i think they were all on their sides...three tiers....each tier was wrapped with ribbon to hold the circle together....various sizes were included....and little trinkets were tied in throughout (like infant tylenol, bandaids, small toys, etc.) maybe you could get some styrofoam or something to create the center and put the diapers around it....different widths for each tier to make it look like a three tiered cake...hope that helps!

  3. Jude is growing up (sniff sniff) but he is SO cute! Love the pictures of the two together, at least there's some friend in with the enemy, right!? :)

    The diapers weren't ruined at all with rolling them for the cake, they still work like they are suppose to! :) Great ideas you got though, I just love party planning and all that shower stuff! You'll have fun!

  4. Frenemies! Too funny!

    Hope Jude enjoys Pre-K.

    Enjoy planning your shower. I LOVE to throw parties! Another idea that I have is to place quotes and verses about babies and mothering around your home (food table, bathroom, coffee table, etc.). I write these on really pretty paper and place them everywhere. It is usually a big hit.

  5. You are going all out on this shower! Good work. I'm pretty darn impressed!


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