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Pillowcase Dress Patterns

Several people have asked me where they can find pillowcase dress patterns online. Here are several tutorials that I like. You choose the one you like the best. :)

1. Here is a traditional pillowcase dress pattern using an actual pillowcase (I often use fabric instead). I followed this pattern to make this dress for Little Dresses for Africa.

2. Here's another pillowcase dress pattern/tutorial. I used these instructions to make my first dress for Indigo. However, since Indi is only two years old, I used fabric rather than a pillowcase for a better fit.

When I first discovered Little Dresses for Africa, I came across this blog post where this crafty mama hosted a Little Dresses for Africa Pillowcase Party. I instantly loved the idea and knew this was something I had to do as well. You have got to check out the amazing dresses that they made! She inspired me to start embellishing my pillowcase dresses.

I was told by the women who started Little Dresses for Africa that the little girls love pockets. So I started adding pockets as well. And let me tell you, the love of pockets must be universal because my daughter loves them, too!

I made these for Little Dresses for Africa:

I made this next one (for Little Dresses) out of a gently used shirt of mine. My daughter called it the "zebra dress".

3. Oliver + S has a free pattern for their "Popover Sundress" which looks similar to a pillowcase dress, but is made with fabric instead. I made this one for my daughter to test out the pattern before my Little Dresses party. I finished it with a blind hem to make it a bit fancier.

I hope you find a pattern that works for you. I'd love to see the photos of your dresses! Happy sewing!


  1. Oh, mmmmmmmm....thank you for this, cuz I am always always looking for new accessible recipes to try! Our old standbyes are stale and those desserts sound incredible! Note how I skip right to the yummy stuff?? LOL The stuffed chicken sounds incredible too!
    :) Greedy Lisa

  2. oh, you are way to creative!

    The recipes I've got to try but I don't know about the dresses!

  3. Oh, man.....I needed some new recipes. Thanks for the tips!!!

    Maybe I'll have to learn how to sew...... :)

  4. Wonderful! I have started making these recently and it's such a nice project and I love thinking about our little recipients. I think, though, that I will have to start making the bias tape to save money so I can afford more fabric!

  5. Thanks for this post. My son and his wife are adopting from Ethiopia; all the paper work is done and passed in, now they wait for a child. That all should happen between Aug and Nov. So, I am planning to make these dresses for the orphanage when they go pick up the child. It may not be many, but I'm sure it will be appreciated.

  6. That is wonderful news. I hope the adoption happens with no difficulties and how nice that you will send the dresses. :)

  7. @ free indeed - congrats on your soon-to-be new grandchild from Ethiopia! how awesome that you are making dresses for the orphanage. i am sure the girls will *love* them!

    @ loves to spin- making bias tape is cheaper and the options are so much more fun! would love to see your creations!

  8. Here they are!

  9. I love them! They are adorable!

  10. Little Dresses for Africa is the best organization to partner with. We at Urunji Child-Care Trust have partnered with them and they have not disappointed us. They have helped us give dresses to poor children in Malawi. This is commendable.

  11. I love that pattern! It would be a pretty dress for my pretty baby girl!

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Fishing Southeast Alaska


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