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4 Months

Today marks 4 months of waiting for our referral and this month is supposed to be our month!

Our agency director asked us not to post our referral news to the internet until after we pass court. Of course, we can tell people over email, phone, etc but since the baby is not our child until after passing court, this is a way to respect the privacy of all involved.

Therefore, unless something changes, there will not be an announcement to our blog when we receive our referral. But I will email those of you I know and I will also continue to post how long we have been waiting. So, if you don't see a "5 month" post around November 1, then that means we should have our referral. I might even post periodically throughout the month if we are still waiting.

Most families in our agency get their referral news via email, so every time I hear my email "ding" I wonder if this is it. Oh, I can't wait!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm getting so excited!! I hope I get an email when you find out, hint hint! ;) SO happy for your growing family!!

    P.S. Seriously, your kids in their Halloween outfits...hilarious? Do they break them out every day!? :)

  2. lately, yes!!! i washed Indi's today and she was devastated. she wanted to wear it as soon as it came out of the washer -- still wet. there was a huge tantrum over that one. oy!

  3. oooooooooooooooo! I am so excited!
    I cannot wait!!!!


  4. Wow! Very excited for you guys! I would love to be included in your email. I can imagine your 'send/ receive' email button MUST be getting worn down....I know mine would:-). Sending up prayers you get news, and you see the face of your little one soon!


  5. Such an exciting and anxious time! I remember when we reached that "close" estimated point with each of our don't know if its going to one of THE best months of your life or another nail biter.....soooooo hard, but sooooo very worth it!!!!!

    OMG....I have goosebumps KNOW we are all hoping NOT to see that 5 mos. sign on the 1st....hugs!!


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