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Meow, Meow -- Is that a cat I hear?

... because I am about to let him out of the bag.

YES, WE GOT OUR REFERRAL!!!!!! And I got permission to share the news with all of you! We cannot post any pictures or identifying info until after we pass court, but I am so happy to be able to publicly share the news of our referral!

On Monday, October 19th, Radu told us we had been matched but that he was missing some paperwork that he needed to officially give us the referral. He told us it would take 1-3 weeks to get that paperwork.

Just a few hours later, Dell called and said she was in labor. That night (well, actually, in the early morning hours of the 20th) I saw her beautiful baby girl enter this world. It meant the world to me that I was able to see her daughter being born on the day I learned of our own daughter. It was as if, on some cosmic level, it symbolized the birth of our daughter, which I was obviously unable to witness. What a blessing that was to me!!! I will always treasure it.

I emailed Radu thanking him for telling us, mentioning that Dell had her baby less than 12 hours after he gave us the news. The next day (Wednesday, the 21st) Radu called. I was outside pushing my kids on the swings. He asked, "How was your friend's labor?" Of course, me, being the talker that I am was happy to elaborate on how lovely it was. Then he said, "Well, how was your labor?" I was like, "Huh?!" He said, "Go check your email." And there she was -- so perfect and so beautiful. I just cried.

As cliche as it sounds, in that moment everything disappeared. The frustration of the paperwork, the fears about how I may feel - it all evaporated and the only thing I felt was "This is our daughter." It was like, "So this is why we had all of the various twists and turns -- to lead us to her!"

Now comes the hard part -- waiting. Waiting for our court date, waiting to travel, waiting to hold her, waiting to integrate her into our family. Please pray that we will be able to do all of this as soon as possible.

We are overjoyed. I am so happy to be able to share our joy with all of you! Thank you.


  1. CONGRATS!!!! What wonderful news!! Can't wait til you can share more details! Hoping for a quick court date and travel...

  2. How exciting!!!! So happy for you and we will be praying that all goes quickly and smoothly for you!

  3. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear more about it (when the time is right). I hope you have only a short wait for court.

  4. Congratulations to your whole family! I am so so so excited for you all! I hope you are able to hold your little girl in your arms soon! Big hugs to you! :)

  5. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So very excited for you guys. Praying that you'll bring her home before Christmas!

  6. YEAH!! I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see her sweet little face!!! I thought waiting would be easier after I had the referral...I was wrong. It is so hard to wait when you know they are there waiting for you. I will pray for a fast process for you everytime I am praying for ours...which is a lot!! Congrats!! Kris

  7. Congratulations!! That's fabulous news. We're waiting on our court date from our Oct. 9 referral. Wishing you a (and us) a speedy court date!

  8. Hi, I bumped into your blog somehow. Congratulations!!!
    We also received our referral last week from THAT same orphanage and are going for a pre-visit next week (European Requirements).
    Hi Alisha and Shannon, we all seem to find each other somehow, lol......

  9. Congratulations!! It is so exciting to hear news of referrals.

  10. Oh my gosh!!! How wonderful!!! Can you post pictures? So happy for you-how old is she? Are you telling us her name!?! Ohhhh, so many questions!

    Congratulations! So blessed!!

  11. How wonderful you were given permission to share this wonderful news!!!

    Have your feet touched the ground yet;-)????

    Yes, I know what you mean....once you see your daughter's face and you know she is yours...your heart, your soul immediately immediately have peace...and all becomes right in your world!

    PTL for His beautiful blessing!


  12. Oh, I have been waiting for this post for so long. CONGRATULATIONS. I can't wait till you pass court and can post pictures of her.

  13. (hugs)

    So overjoyed for you all and couldn't agree more that indeed she was the ONE destined for your family.

    I don't think its cliche at all....its simply the truth about this beautiful moment!

    :) My prayers are with you all!


  14. Yay! Congratulations to your whole family! Can't wait to hear more and follow along with your journey.

  15. Oh Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Isn't it just amazing when you look at her picture finally and study every inch of her. I love the name as well! Yippeeeee!

  16. YAY!!!!! I am So over-the-moon excited for your family! What a great way to find out and our congrats to Dell! Hope to hear about a court date soon!

  17. Absolutely AWESOME! Congratulations! I can't wait to see her picture.


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