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The story of a name

Neither Dan nor I have particularly enjoyed the task of coming up with names for our children. Thankfully, our taste in names is quite similar. It's finding that perfect name that proves challenging.

Jude was our easiest child to name. When I was about halfway into my pregnancy with him I was looking through the baby names posted to a local hospital website and saw "Jude". I looked up the meaning and it meant "Praise". I emailed Dan, and he loved it. Easy peasy.

Indigo was a little harder. Even during my labor with her, we were still unsure of what her name would be. We were torn between Indigo and Vera. I leaned slightly toward Vera while Dan toward Indigo. When she was born, she looked like an Indigo to me, so we went with Indigo.

When we sent our dossier to Ethiopia, we knew we had to get serious about coming up with a name for our daughter. It felt impersonal to have her remain nameless. We hoped to find a name with a great meaning - something really special.

Initially we were going to name her Zara, which we both loved, but then a chain clothing store opened in a nearby mall with that name. Zara was out. We kept coming up with names that we liked, but nothing felt just right. We loved Delilah, but didn't like the association with the Biblical "Samson and Delilah" story. My mom suggested Ruby, which I grew to love, but Dell had considered naming her baby Ruby, so I didn't want to use a friend's name. We thought about Adelaide. My mom suggested Adeline. We really liked those names, but weren't completely sold on them. I liked Clementine but Dan didn't.

I was growing frustrated and started to feel like we were never going to find the perfect name. I went to bed that night and said a prayer asking God to help us find the perfect name. I know, I know - this prayer undoubtedly fits into the "1st world problems" prayer request box.

The next day I was on Baby Name Wizard. They have this feature where you type in a name and it tells you the names of siblings of children with this name. So I typed in "Adelaide" and one of the sibling names that came up was "Evangeline". This name immediately stood out to me because the day prior I had listened to a Blackhawk church message where they talked about the Greek word "euangelion" which means "Good news". It is also where we get our word for "Angel". Evangeline is a variation of "euangelion" and thus means "Good News". I thought it was perfect and Dan agreed... and so did my mom... and his mom. Evangeline it is! I really love the nickname potential to boot!

Sweet Evangeline, we cannot wait to meet and hold you. But until that moment, we will carry you in our hearts and cover you in our prayers!


  1. Lovely name for which undoubtedly will be a lovely little girl! Will you use the full name, or shorten like you did w/ Indi? I love Eve or Evie...although clearly I don't have a vote!
    We have had a dickens of a time w/ names. Gregg and I DO NOT have the same taste in names at all. Sam was literally the ONLY boys name we could agree on when we submitted our dossier. Thankfully, Sam is really a SAM so it worked out well.
    Since we are now leaning towards another boy, we are seriously considering either Maxwell David or Ellis Maxwell, calling him Max. So there! No one else can claim Max because I did first! ha!

  2. Man, we have a hard time with names too!! Sawyer was easy for us, but Chloe was PURE TORTURE. When she was 6 months old I begged Scot to let me change her name because she just didn't seem like a Chloe to me. She seems like it to me now, but I had to GROW to like her name.

    This time, we had a girls name right off the bat: Ruby. Suddenly, I can think of LOTS of girls names I like. Where were all of these ideas when I needed a girl's name?

    We never thought we'd have a boy this time, so we never thought about a boy name. By the time we thought about adopting a boy, there was a name sort of given to us. We do have another one we love just in case though. Jude has been a top name for me every time, but Sawyer beat it out the first time, and when I was pregnant with Chloe, Jude Law and his affair were all over the news, so it got vetoed by Scot. It's a fantastic name!!!

    I LOVE baby naming and hearing what names people choose!!! I rarely dislike a name either! I love Adelle too.....really pretty for a girl and a variation of the names you mentioned!!

    But, the meaning of Evangeline. Well, it is just perfect, and I LOVE the nickname potential too. (Which is a big deal to me when picking a name!)

  3. I knew an Evangeline years go. It's not a name often heard and is very beautiful.

    My husband and I struggle with names as well. He likes one, I don't like it. I like one, he doesn't like it. It goes on and on. Then mix in the fact that we want names that are part of our children's birth culture, we give ourself fewer choices. LOL!!!! Yet our daughter came home from Guatemala with a name we agreed on (Liliana) and our Ethiopian princess is coming home to the name Naomi. All we need now is our referral :-)

  4. I too love the name. I am sure that you have heard the beautiful Brooke Frasier song with that name. It is one of our favorites that gets replayed over and over. We can't wait to see you with your sweet Evangeline. Good pick! :)

  5. Great name! My daughter's best friend is named Evangeline...they call her Eva for short. I never knew its meaning..that is so cool!! Kris

  6. LOVE the name....and you spend time with her I'm sure the perfect nickname will do have a lot to work with;-)!

    Our story with names is similar to yours, but in reverse with our boys....Nathan was one of 3 we had picked out and didn't decide until after he was born, and Owen was the first one I considered (family name) and both John and I loved it! As for Sophie....well you know that was part of our journey and it was Owen that chose it before we even saw her....and scripture confirmed it for us.

    Have a great day!!!

    Sending prayers and hugs,

  7. Love the name! Love Love Love it! I like Evie for short,too.
    If you ahd named this kid Clementine...I would have picketed outside the courthouse! ",m not kidding... All i can hear is HUCKLEBERRY HOUND singing "Oh My Darlin'- Oh My Darlin'......."! So glad you opted out of that one. LOL!

  8. Its perfect and for so many reasons.

    I think it speaks volumes that you struggled with this and gave it such reflection...just as you did with all of your sweethearts.

    You may remember we struggled with names too. As a former teacher and with a hubby who currently teaches you develop MANY associations with names, both good and bad....makes it hard to find just the right fit!

    Something I adore about this name beyond its lovely meaning is the flexibility you will have with nicknames and pet names. It truly seems like an ageless name that will grow with her and reflect the girl & woman she will be & one day become. She will know why you choose it and I can well imagine the sense of peace and love that it will fill her with.....

    ((((HUGS)))) You are on my mind EACH and very day my friend!

  9. Beautiful name!!! Hope you get to bring your sweet girl home soon!!

  10. I was looking at your pattern for the pillowcase dresses when I spotted your decision to use the name Evangeline. It's a perfect name which is why I named my daughter Evangeline Ruth when I adopted her in 1998. My Evie is now eleven years old. She is a joy and does indeed bring good news into my heart, life and family! I almost used the nickname Vangy but when I saw my precious Evangeline I knew she was "Evie".

  11. Rachel, and diana in ak...
    My daughter is also Evangeline Ruth! I love that it means "good news", and we also call her Evie, except that now, at age 3, she insists on being called by her "big name".
    Here's a little secret for you ladies with sweet Evangelines... My husband is a songwriter and cowrote a song on a lullaby album by the artist Plumb after Evie was born. It's called My Sweet, My Lovely. It's dedicated to her and the original lyrics included the line "Close your eyes, Evangeline". Unfortunately, according to the label, names don't go over well in song lyrics, so it was changed to "close your eyes, close your eyes." If you get a chance to listen, you can imagine how it would have sounded, and sing it to your Evangeline as her special lullaby!


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