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Kids and Crafts

Here is a little flavor for what life is like around here with kids, crafts and projects. First, I found these printable responsibility/reward charts here.

They have been working wonders for our family! We are trying to teach our children that being part of a family requires contribution from everyone. Their tasks are small - bringing their dishes to the sink, picking up their toys, and putting their shoes in the shoe basket. The only hard one has been "stay in bed".

Jude was coming into bed with us every (middle of the) night. We were mostly ok with that. But now we have our referral. We plan to have Evangeline sleep in our room and/or bed when she comes home, so we wanted Jude to get used to sleeping without us. Jude said he was lonely at night, so we moved him into Indi's room. We were met with a lot of resistance on day 2 and wondered if we were doing too much at once with the chart. Dan had been working a lot and thought maybe Jude was acting out because he wanted attention from him. So he took a day off and spent the entire day playing with the kids. He took them to the zoo and just had a whole day of fun with them.

It really worked! [I feel so blessed to be married to a man who not only picked up on that, but also did something about it.] It seemed to be just what Jude needed and since then, everything has been working out smoothly. They are loving the chart.

Secondly, we wanted to display the kids' art around the house. We framed some

and this weekend Dan built these.

This idea came from the book The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.

While Dan and Jude worked on that project in the garage and Indi was catching bugs, I finished sewing Jude's Christmas pajamas.

Jude spotted the fabric at the fabric store and I think it's darling.

Here's my boy being silly in his new pjs.


  1. What a great dad Dan is! So true that a lot of guys can pick up on it but not do somthing about it. Glad that is just what Jude needed and now things are going well. Those charts are great and I love the new wall hanging system, perfect. Jude looks cute in his jammies, has he taken them off yet? :)

  2. Love those little charts, Dad time and planning for a little one in your room...sometime soon!

  3. That is awesome! All of it and it's going to be so incredible having another little one around the house soon!

  4. You know what? It IS true how much a sticker can do to bolster the cooperation and spirit of helping in kiddos! The charts are inspired and kids often do love to help when they can see and contribute to their own progress!

    And those jammies.....Ho! Ho! Ho!, that sure puts me in the holiday mood.....SOOOOOO cute! Your sewing skills are fabulous!

    LOVE the sweet red coat on your sweet darling Little Miss too....gorgeous!!


  5. LOVE the responsibility/reward charts. I'm definitely stealing that idea. I actually am planning to paint the hallway into our basement with magnetic paint so I can hang all the kid's artwork. I LOVE the strips Dan made- they are fantastic!! Having kids artwork hanging up is my FAVORITE!!! I'm framing some of their artwork as Christmas gifts for Aunts and grandmas as well......I can't keep it all in my house, so I'm sharing the love!! :)

  6. I love, love, love the charts. Having a child have a role in their family is terrific and so valuable for them! I'm definitely downloading that for Addia! And, what a great Dan! ;-) When one parent is "away" for too long a little regrouping can definitely provide the refueling that our kiddos need. So happy that he took the time!

  7. Rachel,
    Thanks for your comment - I hope to meet you and baby Evangeline in person very soon! meanwhile, I am printing out those responsibility charts asap!

  8. Wow Rachel-you are like the Martha Stewart of blogs! Your crafts amaze me! I love the reward charts-we have one too-after they fulfill all their points, which can take weeks sometimes -haha-they get to pick a reward, whether it's a small toy or a movie to watch! :)
    Hey, we're leaving for Dallas tomorrow-quick weekend trip to a wedding...too bad it's not Austin!


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