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I was working on a jacket for Indigo and it is finally finished. The inspiration came from this post by Angry Chicken. The pattern? Simplicity 2534. The fabric? Red wool coating from Vogue Fabrics. The lining? Joy - Lime, Funky Christmas by Michael Miller.

It actually came together quite easily... or perhaps I should say easier than I expected. :) I worked on it for an hour or two each day for about a week. Then it came time to do the buttonholes. I thought they'd be a piece of cake, but long story short, they weren't because the fabric was too thick. I found a dear woman locally who sewed them for me. And she didn't even charge me! She said she just wanted to encourage me to keep sewing. Coincidentally, we discovered that she was born in the same town as my grandmother (Detroit Lakes, MN). It's a small world!

When I sew, I often listen to podcasts. If you are at all interested in the accuracy and/or origins of the Gospels, I highly recommend this podcast. The FAQ is incredible. The panel included two Hebrew scholars from the University of Wisconsin as well as a historian. They discredited many of the common myths out there about the Bible. It was really affirming to hear scholars from a secular,liberal university defending the Gospels. It answered some questions that I have had and that I have heard raised by others. Loved it!


  1. Oh my goodness Rachel, that jacket is adorable!! Indigo looks so cute in it too.

    Hope you are all doing well. We were praying that you get to hold Evangeline soon in my Bible Study this week. :)

  2. oh sweet laura, thank you so much! that really means a lot to me!

  3. Victory, indeed. When are you going to start taking orders?

  4. Beautiful! I love the shade of red...compliments Indi's complexion nicely. You are so talented!! Thanks for the heads up on the podcast...sounds interesting...would love to listen to it.

  5. GORGEOUS!!!
    REBEKAH wears a 18 months!...when you DO start taking orders! ;)

  6. Love it! You must have some of the BEST dressed kids!


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