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Gettin' Our Amharic On... and Newborn King Crowns!

Last April, I ordered a book and CD called Simple Amharic for Adoptive Families. We were putting together our dossier, months away from referral much less travel. But I had read about it on an adoption yahoo group and knew that it was something I wanted to tuck away for later when we needed it.

That time has arrived.

When Evangeline comes home, everything in her world will be different. Even though we have been staring at her picture for months, falling more and more in love with her every day, we will be strangers to her. Strangers who will take her from her current caregivers to a place where everyone looks different, speaks an entirely different language and eats different food. We hope that learning some basic Amharic phrases will be one way that we can ease this transition... and offer her reassurance in a language she understands.

But there was no time for language lessons this morning. We were too busy making Newborn King Crowns. I got this idea from Rebecca of La Dolce Vida: The Sweet Life. She had a whole newborn king themed party!

For us, this craft required lots of help from me. We didn't have the stick-on jewels to make it super simple for the little ones. The kids did pick all their own shapes and colors and Jude colored his crown.

I added elastic to the back for a fit that was more snug.

The kids played king and queen for a full hour afterwards, proudly wearing their crowns. I was able to cook lunch in peace all the while playing along, pretending to be their personal chef. The kids thought this was hilarious. When I asked them to pick up their toys before lunch, Jude cleverly decided to use the situation to his advantage. "Kings don't clean up after themselves", he insisted. This was a great opportunity to remind him that the Newborn King who we are celebrating, the King of Kings, taught us it is better to serve than to be served.

Good times!

[This last photo was taken by Jude.]


  1. Yea! Glad you guys had fun making the crowns. How fun! I love finding and sharing ideas. Hopefully little things like this help set a foundation for what Christmas is all about.

  2. Too cute!
    Oh, and Sam speaks some amharic. When he wants something, he points to it and says "NA!" very firmly. Na is how you call a male child to you. I say it "Na, Yeabsera" when he's not paying attention to me. He has learned/relearned this and now "calls" objects to him. It's adorable.
    Also -- he knows Ah Wed Da Hallow, which is I love you to a male child (da Shallow is for a girl) and he just SMILES and SMILES!

  3. The kids are adorable, love the crowns. What a great idea to get that book, I can imagine it would be a big shock to be transferred from what you know but she will feel the love from you guys and settle in quickly!! :)

  4. OOOOHHH...I love how that little teachable moment crept right into the play & fun!

    Terrific crowns....and of course you know how delighted I am to hear of your desire to learn Amharic. After seeing Tyler react so strongly to Mandarin shortly after we came home, I pray it will be a source of comfort/love to your sweetheart too.I love that you are doing that!

    I'm so excited for you guys!!
    P.S. The kids are as darling as EVAH!

  5. Way Cool!
    you should add a sound bite of Dan in his new tongue....that would be cool.;)
    Did you see that we got our LOA!
    Will be getting our girl next month!
    Can I get a Woop-Woop?!?!


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