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Happy Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy

No, we do not have our court date. And, no, we will not be traveling by Christmas. But we got some great news this week and I am overjoyed!

On Monday, we received an update on sweet Evangeline. In September, when she was first examined by an orphanage doctor shortly after being admitted into the orphanage, she weighed only 10 lbs at 5 months of age. Under the great care of the orphanage nannies and staff, she is now up to over 14 lbs! She looks like a different baby! She now has the most adorable, kissable, just-wanna-squeeze-'em baby cheeks ever! The update also said she can now sit up unassisted and can transfer objects from one hand to another. We have had all of her medicals reviewed by the University of Minnesota International Adoption Clinic. They emailed me today saying they were very pleased with all of the information we received in our updates.

I am so grateful for this update! On Sunday, I was feeling so discouraged with the waiting. Dan and I were running errands after dropping my mom off at the airport. My sister was watching the kids. While in the car, I just broke down into tears. Tears of frustration, discouragement, concern, and longing. I want to be the one caring for her. I want her home! Receiving the update the next day was exactly what I needed. It was an amazing blessing to see that she had grown so much and that she appeared to be thriving. It brought me so much peace.

I also just found out today that Evangeline is scheduled to be seen by the third-party physician tomorrow. More great news!

I want to thank all of you who are praying for Evangeline and for our family during this time. It means so much to us!

I'll end with some photos taken during our time with my mom and sister. My sister was here for an entire week and my mom for a long weekend. We had a fabulous time. We miss them so much already!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!
    Tell them they need to send some pics of the fat baby so that we can "OOOOO" & "AAAAAAH"!


  2. OH OH pics of sweet baby E and just cannot wait until you can share em!!

    I am overjoyed that she has gained weight and is developing so well. What's so hard to sometimes understand is that Mama's NEED to simply know that your baby is cared for * and cared for with both skill and affection* know they are know they are being lovingly tended to until our arms can encircle them with our joyous grace & love.

    I'm so happy for you as I know well how important each connection is! You will treasure these early insights and glimpses into her early days for all time!

    AND your visit with your Mom and Sis sounded splendid and the pictures are amazing! Beautiful!

    LOVE the sunglass shot of the family photo takes my breath away!

    I hope you hear of your court date SOON!!

  3. What great news about E!! She will be in your arms before you know it! I can't wait to see pictures. Praying for you all!

    And cute pictures. Love the last one, Jude is hilarious! :)

  4. YEAH Evie! Way to go! Sammy was 13 lbs at 6 mos and 15 lbs at 10 mos. So, Evie is really doing great! So pleased for her and for you.
    I LOVE that picture of you and Dan. Of course the kids are cute: they always are. But we rarely see pictures of you and Dan and I just love that one!

  5. God provides just what we need, doesn't He:-)???

    Sounds like she is doing wondefully and that must give you some degree of peace.

    I know how you must long to hold her....I pray it's not too much longer.Can't wait to see the updated photos.

    Love and hugs,

  6. Isn't it exciting to get the updated photos! I hope you get your court date soon. I also wanted to say that I do enjoy reading your blog and all your creative endeavors, that's why I tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger award. You can go to my blog for details.

  7. God is so good to give us the encouragement we need along the way- and right in time too!!!

    LOVE that last picture!! LOVE it!!

  8. Oh, you must be SO relieved to get that nice update-i wish so badly i could see her sweet little face! I love the name Evangeline.

    I remember waiting so anxiously for those updates...and when they come it's like hitting the lottery! Glad to hear she's doing so well-she'll thrive in your care for sure!! Love the christmas pictures-very funny! :)


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