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For Evangeline, with Love

I've waited so long to start sewing for Evangeline. I guess deep down I thought I should wait until everything was official, lest I "jinx" something. I'm working on ridding myself of this silly jinx superstition, but come on, I'm not alone, am I? The idea seems to be perpetuated by movies and sitcoms. Anyway, our adoption is official, so it's a moot point. I can now sew to my heart's content! :)

Here are a couple of things I have made for Evangeline recently. I've been using Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel line and I am looooving it. Understatement.

Quilt top for E's baby quilt

[inspiration found here]

this ball... which is pretty big for a baby

To illustrate

It's bigger than Jude's head! I followed the pattern exactly and it's meant for babies. It's like a fiber-filled beach ball! You win some, you lose some. :/

We babysat baby Violet for two days this week, and let me tell you, Indigo was in heaven!

I got a little trial run on life with three kids. I realized how life for a third child is so different (depending on your kids' age span) than life for a first child. I sometimes joke that when Jude was a baby I met his needs before he even knew he had them. When baby Violet was here, everyone had to do a little bit of waiting. It is impossible to promptly meet the needs of all three kids ages 4 and under simultaneously. But they seemed to understand. Let's hope that continues.

And back to sewing, after seeing how much fun the kids had with their Newborn King crowns, I decided to make them crowns out of wool. I made these several weeks ago, but I am just getting around to posting them.

I used the leftover wool from Indigo's jacket. The kids got hours of fun out of these crowns, but have recently complained that they are too itchy. I would definitely recommend lining them with cotton fabric on the inside to avoid this problem.

Here are the king and queen riding on their broom steed wearing their safety-pinned-on dishtowels royal robes.

We all cannot wait for Evie to get home to join in on the fun!!!!


  1. OK, seriously. You are one crafty mama. Love those crowns. Maybe I could do a felt one?

  2. That quilt is breathtaking. Miss Evie is one lucky lady! Your kids haven't been introduced to Narnia yet, have they? The crowns are perfect for that as well!

  3. Rebecca,
    These crowns are actually supposed to be made out of felt. I tried to felt the wool by washing it on hot and then cold, but it would not felt. I asked my neighbor, who's a serious knitter, and she said it might be machine washable wool. Anyway, there are lots of great crown tutorials online!

  4. Love the new projects! And you're not alone on the "jinx" thing. We're human, aren't we?

  5. You are so talented! Enjoy the sewing while you can because soon you will just want to hold and stare at Evie all day long!

  6. Everything is so cool, and that quilt is beautiful! Love the colors! Life will be different with a 3rd that's for sure! I think of the difference of how we did things with one to two. :) It will be WONDERFUL!! I can't wait until she is home with you either.

  7. Oh, the quilt!! Its lovely....I can't wait to see pics of her snuggled in it!

    AND a sneak peek into Miss Indi as an official big sis...she looks enchanted and just right for the position!! She's getting those baby arms ready for Miss E!! :)

    As to going from 2 to 3...I felt a big jump going to 2....a new kind of crazy, but in the best of ways!

    I think if anyone can handle it all with grace, its going to be you!!

  8. I wish you lived next door. And were my best friend. So I could beg you to sew me things!

    If you sold stuff, I'd be broke! :)

    LOVE IT ALL! Your talent seriously impresses (and humbles) me!!!

  9. Wow-you are one amazing lady! Beautiful Quilt, love the ball-it'll be fun to roll back and forth w/ the siblings!

    And, BTW, Graham has the same blue elephant shirt as Jude! :)
    nicole k.

  10. I've been saying for years that I want to learn how to quilt. You're one talented lady.

  11. Rachel....You are SOOOOO creative and talented. Beautiful stuff made with such love.


  12. I happened across your blog while I was looking for a changing pad sewing tutorial and realized a funny coincidence- we have the same taste in names! My 3-year-old's name is Evangeline (we call her Evie and pronounce it with a short "e", rhymes with Chevy), and when I was pregnant with my second child, whom we were convinced was a boy, we were planning to name him Jude! Except "he" ended up being a girl. Her name is Stella, but that's beside the point. And I love Indigo. Anyway, just wanted you to know that someone out there thinks your kids have the best names ever!

  13. Erin,
    How cool! I LOVE the name Stella! Thanks for sharing!!!


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