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Happy Birthday, Jude!

Five year ago today, on a cold and wintery night, Jude was born.

When I held him for the first time, he gazed up at me with his big eyes, so receptive and full of wonder. And something happened. To steal a line from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, "my heart grew three sizes that day". The old lens through which I once viewed the world was kicked to the curb. I now saw the world through the eyes of a mother. It changed everything.

This morning, Jude said, "Mommy, I love you one hundred, million pieces." Last night it was, "Mommy, I love you as long as a boa constrictor." I am mindful to soak up these sentiments now, while he is so eager to tell them to me.

I cannot believe that my baby is 5! It seems like just yesterday I was rocking him to sleep...

Happy Birthday, Jude! We love you with all of our hearts!


  1. He is so sweet! Happy Birthday Jude!!

  2. Happy happy birthday to your handsome little man!

    Both photos and your beautiful sentiments truly capture the impish, joyful and amazing sweet boy he is!

    Thanks for taking us back a bit....I just loved it and am smiling so big!

  3. Jude is so adorable, the pilot and the knight! Can't wait to give him a big hug and kiss.

  4. Seriously....I have to meet this kid someday because there are so few boys that love to dress up like he does- and Sawyer was one of them too. I can SEE how sweet he is even in pictures. Wish we were neighbors!!!

    I want Chloe to marry Jude! :) Can we go ahead and arrange that now? ;)

    Happy birthday, Jude!!!

  5. happy big 5!!!! what a sweet boy he is! and you are not old enough to have a 5 year old!

    thinking of you and your trip this month!!! so very excited for your family!!!



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