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Nesting is a State of Mind

In about a month, we will be leaving to bring our sweet Evangeline home. Our tickets aren't officially booked, but we're pretty sure we'll be leaving on the 18th of February.

When I was entering my ninth month of pregnancy with my last two kids, I went through the proverbial "nesting" stage where I got the intense drive to get organized. At the time, I accredited it to hormones. But I'm now convinced it's a psychological event more than anything, because we are one month away from bringing Evie home and I have been going through some serious nesting.

Jude took this pic of Indi and me while we were sorting clothes for Evie.

I've been cleaning the house like crazy - organizing the kids' stuff and purging our closets of what we don't need. If you know me, you know this isn't really like me.

I've also been trying to finish up the last of my sewing projects before we leave. The kids asked me to sew some pajama pants for them. They chose the fabrics. Thankfully this was a very easy project.

And since we are on the topic of nesting, does anyone care to share their own nesting stories? Were there any preparations that you did that you later found helpful?

The advice that I generally give to moms is to try to relax and take care of themselves, because what babies need most is a well-rested mother. They don't mind dust bunnies nor will they notice disorganized closet. Maybe I need to take my own advice?


  1. For me, I just wanted to leave a clean, organized house and come home with my baby to a clean organized house. It just makes it easier to deal with all the things that will need to be left undone while you are focusing on attachment and bonding. Also, having things organized is less frustrating, at least for me :-)

  2. I really concentrated on washing her clothes, stocking up the freezer, and cleaning the house before we left. But I really ran out of time getting done with everything I thought I needed....LUCKILY, my mom stayed at our house while we were gone to watch our pets, and I have never seen my house cleaner, and my fridge/freezer more stocked!! It was such a great coming home gift!
    How exciting that you are one month away from having her in your arms!!!! WOOHOO!!!

  3. I could not agree more that "nesting" is a very real phenomena!!

    I was so glad that I tackled all the serious closet clutter and the not often done cleaning know the ones...cobweb hunting...the junk drawer...wiping baseboards....I felt very driven to get it done and now I know why....cuz those jobs ALL need to be done again almost a year later! LOL Who has time once baby comes home?? :)

    One thing I did though was to update the scrapbooks (yup, its been about a year now since that's been done too!), fill in all the dates on his First Year Calendar and start the Lifebook. I'm so thankful I did, cuz its helped me get a jumpstart on something that would seem daunting during naptimes!

    We also bought all the little necessities before we left: diapers, wipes, formula, etc...I knew our family/friends would dash to the store for us, but with jet lag and the rush of emotions, who wants to be making a list? Plus you get exactly what you hope/plan to use!

    OH, also go ahead and find a few baby announcements you like ahead of time....think about the wording....maybe even address envelopes.....(if you plan to send them!) It saves SO much time later on!

    Keep nesting my excited for you all!! What a magical time!!

  4. P.S.

    Love your advice to new Moms too....but its so hard for us Mamas to take!

    The jammie pants Rock too!

  5. OH- I agree with you 100%.....I have been nesting like CRAZY cakes. I hope it means something in my case!!! :)

    I hate clutter, so really, I have to get stuff clutter-free to feel like my life is in control, but I just go insane-crazy when I'm nesting. I start selling stuff and buying bins and labeling.

    Advice? Go with is just one of those funy memories you'll have of before baby came home! :)

  6. Oh I'm so excited for you guys!!
    I was a huge nester, I would sit in the baby's room folding and refolding clothes and organizing everything in sizes and colors... :)

  7. I also worked on M's lifebook (which I'm now really far behind in updating) and picked out announcements. The thing that helped the most was putting together the nursery furniture. Working with tools always calms me...

  8. Nesting is one of my favorite things! I notice i do it every time before i travel-i SO don't want to come home to a dirty house! So, i always clean my house before i go away. :)

    Nothing feels better than purging toys, closets, clothes...clean it out! I don't think i rested before i traveled to Taiwan, probably the opposite-b/c i was so busy getting, when you already have 2 munchkins...when can you really rest??
    Can't wait to follow your trip!

  9. The thing that was the biggest help and time-saver last year when Mallory was born was having stocked my freezer and pantry with lots of breads, dinners, soups, pastas, etc. It was so helpful that I try to do it as much as possible now - although now it is more just making double batches of things at times rather than doing a power cooking weekend to get it fully stocked. In the long run, it gives you so much more time with your kids and makes those difficult hours of the day much easier to handle! Looking forward to following along on your journey!

  10. Oh I SOOOOO agree.

    I nested with both boys when I was pregnant and it was just as strong towards the end of the wait to bring Sophie home.

    I did some major purging and organizing throughout the house and Sophie's room became the neatest, most organized, decorated room here...which reminds me I don;t think I ever posted an after shot of her bedroom..LOL!

    It was also really important that I spent quality time together and one on one with the boys. As I look back I feel this was the most important 'item' on my before Sophie to-do list.

    I had many things that I WANTED to complete...some painting and scrapbooking that never got done prior to us leaving, but I prioritzed as to what I felt REALLY needed to be done and the rest just had to wait......and they're still waiting to be
    done;-)!! LOL.

    In the whole scope of fr as the house...nothing really NEEDS to get done, but it SURE DOES FEEL GOOD.

    Happy nesting, and I can't wait to follow you along to your sweet daughter.

    Love and Hugs,


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