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Redirect : Haitian orphans

When I read this post about the orphan situation in Haiti, I knew I had to link to it. Melissa writes about what has been weighing on my heart, in a much better way than I could. Check it out.

She also writes about one small thing you could do to help.. and guess what? It's free!


  1. Oh Rach...

    I only have a moment and will need to come back to read the link; but I already know one small thing that can be done during this tremendous crisis....prayer.

    Just yesterday someone on our JOH board wrote that a friend will be able to bring her sweet Haitian toddler girl home(already legally adopted) thanks to many many efforts made during the tumultous time. A small miracle in the middle of this tragedy!

    I will be back and thank you for calling attention to this!

  2. I wrote my letter....well, email actually! I figure it will reach their attentions quicker!


  3. just catching up! love the crowns and pj pants and nesting story and, of course, the fact that soon you will be bringing evie home!!!! can't wait to hear how the kids do with her!!! much love!


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