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We leave in one week! I cannot believe it. I've been following adoption blogs for the last (almost) two years while we have been on this journey and it never felt like we'd be the ones traveling. It is such a delight to be here!

We received a medical update on Evangeline today. Here's what they said about her:

Growth and psychosocial development

Tarikua is an active young infant with an adequate growth & development.
She has a good appetite and a normal sleep cycle. She sits without support and transfers objects from one hand to the other. She uses index finger and thumb to pick up small objects. She reaches out for familiar people.
She is stable and thriving well.

I cannot wait to learn how to pronounce her name correctly. I am wondering if we may end up calling her Tarikua. We definitely will at first and then we will see where we end up.

I finished sewing a Mei Tai baby carrier for Evie yesterday.

I got the tutorial here. I finished it a couple weekends ago, but it ended up being a little too short for me. This surprised me, because even though I am somewhat tall (5'7"), I see myself as having a short torso, and I am definitely smaller chested.


If you decide to make one, you might want to consider cutting it longer - like 21-22 inches, rather than 18. At first I thought it was too short because I was wearing Indi in it and she's almost three. But then I tried it with baby Violet and it was too short with her as well. Anyway, I altered it, so it's all good.

I suspect we might have some trouble when I wear Evie in the new carrier. Indigo was not happy about baby Violet taking a spin in it. She cried and wanted me to carry both of them.

I also decorated some burp cloths for the diaper bag.

Evie may be a little old for spitting up, but I think they will be useful for things like drippy bottles or wiping drool. You know, the stuff that most people use a bib for! I'm packing some bibs, too, but for some reason, we've never been a bib family... much to my mother's chagrin! :)


  1. If I travel to TX, will you teach me to sew? I love you choices of color combinations, patterns, and accessories! Indi looks super comfy in there too! I can't wait to see Evie snuggled up next to you in the same manner! So excited for you and wish we could be there together!

    PS-the word verification is "luckedin" as in the opposite of lucked out. Except, I think "luckedin" make a bit more sense.

  2. One week?! My goodness!

    Love the carrier. I may just have to pay you to make one....someday!

    So excited for you!

  3. That is awesome! I too always love the fabrics you choose. I can't believe how creative and productive you are just weeks before traveling :). I did the whole cleaning/nesting thing, but you win the award!

  4. Of course we want to visit...sorry I failed to mention TX in that blog posting. You know I heart the Kovacs!
    We could not have survived the first 2 months without our Mei Tai. Sam slept in it all the time. We walked and walked and walked and walked in it. It was just the perfect summer accessory for our family.
    The burb rags will come in handy ... Sam was an uber-messy drinker & eater at first.
    Finally ... just so you know, Sam had almost the identical update before we picked him up, and as you well know he is a super-advanced baby. Therefore, I expect only the best from Evie!

    I cannot believe it's only 1 week. I need to call you soon to get all caught up before you leave!

  5. WOW!!! One week! It does really seem like it will never happen...then suddenly it does!!! Once you are settled in, we should get our girls together....our little Ru never gets to be around other babies. My house is full of pre-teens and teen boys!!

  6. Jenna, I would love to teach you how to sew and I would love if you came to visit us in TX!

    Rebecca, I would happily make something for you. It's not the money - it's the time. I usually have to sew at night after the kids are down. But when you get your referral, I will try to make you something special! :)

    Missy, I would love that! I am sure it will be a zoo here with three kids 5 and under, but you are more than welcome to join in on the chaos! :)

  7. Hopefully you are right on the spit up issue, but Brenna spit up well after she was 1. I didn't think she would ever stop. Love the carrier.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh....your long awaited journey ahead and just as I'm looking back on ours!

    How wonderful to find this joyful post tonight and please know I'm thinking of you and SO anxious to follow along!

    The carrier is gorgeous....I did have one thought that might help with Indi ~ a miniature one for her to carry her doll in while you carry Evie along! :) Just what you need, huh? Another

    Sending love my friend! I had meant to write before you left and time has run out....prayers & wishes! Godspeed!


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