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"Baby" Wearing

I have been on hold with the National Visa Center for 2 hours and 10 minutes... and counting.

So on a happier note, I thought I'd share this photo.

After I wrote this post about Indigo's jealousy in regard sharing "her" carrier, my friend Lisa suggested that I made Indi her own carrier.

Brilliant. And so typical of Lisa, always so clever and thoughtful! She pointed out that I probably don't have a lot of time to make one - which I don't! So I took some knit fabric that I had laying around, folded it so it would have a pouch big enough for them to carry their animals, and cut it to size. [For those not familiar with sewing lingo, knits are stretchy - think yoga pant material -and generally don't fray.] That's it! It's a no-sew project. Easy and the kids loved it.

Thanks for the idea, Lisa!

Yep, I'm still holding. 2 hours, 20 minutes...


  1. Fun project...easy too.

    I am praying that your visa issues get sorted out today...geeze, on hold long enough?

    Good luck - hopefully they'll email it over to the embassy today!

  2. Patience. Praying for your patience. AND, praying for positive results! I will stay glued to your blog like you are glued to that phone! And, again, please teach me to sew!

  3. Oh Rach ~

    NO, you are the clever, creative & so thoughtful one!

    I can't believe you had time to squeeze this in with all the other things going on! I'm so sorry to hear of the Visa issue and praying its resolved and SOON! Crazy and simply must be handled by someone out there ~ snow or no snow! :)

    Thank you for the sweet comments coming my way and I'm just tickled the kids seem to like them ~ you did a beautiful job! LOVE the pic and LOVE their radiant faces!

    Hugs and do keep us posted!!

  4. Oh, almost forgot....SO hope the kids feel much better too! Its so hard when they are sick!! :(

  5. thinking of you! praying for smooth travels and smooth paperwork!!! i bet you fall in love with the country! i cannot wait to see updates of evie in your arms!


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