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Disappointing News

Edited again to add (from Dan this time): Someone we know who is well connected in Washington has been helping us with the Visa issue. He has made one of Secretary Clinton folks aware of our issue and he texted me at 4:30 this morning to let me know he was now going to ask him to intervene on our case.

On another note, Dr. Sofia (the Embassy Doctor) saw Evangeline and wrote: "I saw Tarikua on Feb 6th. Now she is able to creep, sits without support, says baba -dada and feeds self holding a bottle. Her over all growth and development is good"


Edited to add: Unfortunately, our I-600A approval is still not on the Embassy's database site. Now we're sweatin' it! It's Tuesday in Addis. There is a nine hour time difference for those of us here in central time. So we essentially have three business days - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get this resolved. Our Embassy date is on Monday, the 22nd. The Embassy Visa clerk won't even let us speak with an American at the Embassy. She just says she can't help us. Now we are wondering if we're making the right choice to by going since we might not be able to bring her home! We have a layover in Houston tomorrow from 10:30a-4:30p so hopefully we can work on it then. Unfortunately, the Embassy will be closed by then. We are just sick about this. Please pray that it gets resolved ASAP.


We're pretty much ready to go... just staying up waiting to call the Embassy.

Packing Fatigue

Nine Days?!

Can you believe half this stuff is for one sixteen pound person?! According to her weight/length measurements, she's in between 3-6 mo and 6-12 mo clothing sizes, so we had to pack a wide range of options. What doesn't fit will be donated to the orphanage.

I wanted to write a few specific prayer requests before we leave. If you have a moment to pray for us about these things, we would really appreciate it.

1. Please pray for Jude and Indigo. We have never been away from them for more than an overnight before. They have been incredibly upbeat about staying with Chris and Dell, Aunt Mi-Mi and Gaga, but tonight reality began to sink in for Jude. I was getting him ready for bed and I could tell he was starting to get choked up. He said, "Mommy, I am going to miss you sooo much." I could see he was holding back tears. He started to talk about doing a countdown about when we'd get home. So we talked about that a bit. I could see he was still worried. I asked, "Are you worried about us being away?" He got a little teary, held his thumb and index finger about an inch apart and said, "About this much". I asked what he was worried about specifically and he just said he was going to miss me. Thinking of him missing me makes it harder to leave...

2. Please pray that we all stay healthy. I've had a bit of a stomach thing going on for the last few days. I'm not sure if it's nerves or a little bug. Please pray that we are healthy in-country and that Evie is, too.

3. Please pray that bonding goes well. I know that bonding and attachment are processes that require time and investment. But please pray that we get off to a great start with Evie.

4. Please pray that we have safe travels.

Shall we end with a stroll down memory lane? We moved a bunch of photos off of our laptop because it was slowing it down, but for some reason these old photos remained. These were all taken on various trips to "Gaga's Farm".

Baby Jude

Jude and me, 6 months pregnant with Indigo. This was at my mom's friend, Margie's farm.

Jude pulling a wagon which was restored by his Great-Grandfather

Doin' farm chores

Jude and baby Indigo


  1. I'm so sorry you're facing such a stressful situation with the I-600a approval. Praying for safe travels and that everything is in order by the time you reach Ethiopia.

  2. I am so sorry that you can't just be focusing on your kiddos and your trip. I'll keep praying.

  3. I'm praying like CRAZY for you guys!!! I sincerely hope getting Mrs. Clinton's office involved will be just what will tip the scales in your favor (well, you know, besides God moving mountains on your behalf).

    It will be really hard for your kids, I'm sure. When Scot and I went to Hawaii, we were gone 5 days. Chloe was 2 and Sawyer was 5. They did GREAT, but when we came home, the instant Sawyer saw us he burst into sobbing tears and wouldn't let go ofus for hours. It was like he missed us, but in all the fun just never fully processed it until we got back. It was the sweetest, saddest thing ever! So, while it will be hard for your kids, I'm sure, they will do great....and it will go quickly!!!

    Can't wait for another update!

  4. Will be praying today and throughout the week. You are doing something wonderful. God will bless you in ways you never imagined. He is the great controller and he has all the details in his control.

  5. Rachel, we are covering you and your family in our prayers!! Kris

  6. Safe travels and I hope all works out with the Embassy.

  7. You have my sincere and earnest gosh, please know you will be traveling on the wings of SO many prayers and well wishes!

    Thank you for the sweetest trip down memory lane EVER! My heart just soared seeing those gorgeous pics. of your kiddos & family!

    I wanted to add that we had only left our daughter for one night also before venturing to Taiwan for a week ~ AND it all went so smoothly. I, of course, worried and fretted constantly for nothing....guess it goes with the territory, right?!? :)

    I think this 2 on one time with Evie will be so important for bonding, for her and for the both of you! Discovering her birth country and discovering her.....later maybe you can travel back as a complete family! That is our plan down the road!

    I hope you are all remain healthy and of course praying for a smooth transition with beautiful Evie!

    AND the Visa issue?? Oh gosh....a nail biter till the end ~ why does that seem to happen to so many of us traveling this path?? I pray its resolved ASAP!!

    Hugs to you all!!

  8. heart is aching for you...please update soon!

  9. Rachel, we are going private with our blog because of a creepy comment that we received. I wanted to invite you but didn't have your email. Please email me at if you want to follow along. Only 11 more days!!! Also, could you delete this comment so my email is not out there for everyone to see. Thanks!! Kris

  10. WHAT!!
    COME ON!
    I know how looking at those suitcases feels!
    Almost as much as we love you!
    Hurry up and get on the plane, already..we'll keep the light on for ya.;)

  11. This "no bloggin from Ethipoa" is a killer for those of us "left behind"! ;)

    Thinking of and praying for you! CAN. NOT. wait to hear how this all turns out!

  12. Rachel and Dan,
    Oh my GOSH! Where have I been?!? Didn't know you were going through all these issues! I will pray long and hard for you guys...I think in the end it'll all work itself out! I do believe you will be bringing her home w/ you! I hope you are well in Africa.


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