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One Month

The 18th marked one month since Evie has been in our arms. It's really hard to believe one month has passed already, yet it's hard to imagine life without her.

Our transition home has been mostly smooth. I had heard so many stories about the things that could go wrong. I'll admit, I was a little nervous about how it would go. It's not that everything went perfectly, but it was all very manageable. Yes, she had lots of diarrhea for the first two weeks. Yes, we all had to go through scabies treatment, not because we definitely had it, but because both Evie and I had bites that were suspicious. But it wasn't really that big of a deal.

So here's what's happened with Ms Evangeline in the last month.

  • She is recognizing me as the primary caregiver. She gets excited when I walk into the room, reaches for me, and prefers me.
  • When we first met Evie, she was friendly to everyone. Now she is exhibiting more "stranger danger" and when others hold her (which we try to minimize) she reaches out for me.
  • She's becoming increasingly comfortable with skin contact. Within the last week or so she has started letting me rock her. Prior to this, she would only let me pace with her or rock her while feeding her. Now she is comfortable snuggling up close to me and just rocking.
  • She can now sit up by herself for as long as she desires. When we first met her, she could only sit for a second or two before toppling over.
  • One month ago she could not bear any weight on her legs. Now her legs are strong and getting stronger each day.
  • Last month, Evie didn't have any teeth. Now she has two.
  • When we met Evie, she would only drink 2-4 oz of formula at a time. Now she drinks 6-10 oz.
  • She's eating more and more solid foods. When she first came home she hardly ate any solids. Now she eats 3-6 oz of baby food at each meal. The food thing is a work-in-progress. She will only eat finely pureed baby food and prefers jarred baby food because the texture is so smooth. She will mostly only eat fruit but we are exposing her to veggies each day. I've been using a baby food grinder (which is sooo much easier in my opinion than getting out my food processor) to get her used to more textures. I can make small batches and that way, if she refuses, not much food is wasted.
We are overjoyed to have our sweet Evangeline home. We feel blessed to have her as a member of our family!

One thing that surprised us was how sweet, kind and helpful that Jude has been with Evie. Since Indigo has been the one who has shown the most interest in babies, we expected her to dote on Evie, but Jude loves playing with and helping out his baby sister. And she's pretty smitten with him, too.

Indigo loves her baby sister, too.


  1. Awesome! This post was actually really helpful for me, as we are hoping to adopt. I enjoyed reading about the process of teaching her who mom and dad are.

    Can I ask, why minimize other people holding her? Is it so that she can continue to bond with you guys or does it reinforce who her parents are? Just curious, I don't know much about attachment yet.

  2. WOWOWOWOWOW! I cannot believe how much she has changed. She is even more gorgeous and that smile! those eyes! Incredible.
    At first Sam would go to anyone (in eth) but when we came home we started the only us rule ... not even our parents. For the first 3 months we did that. Just G and I held him. I think that, the carrying, and the co-sleeping made everything smoother. He is SO well attached and I think it's those things that made the difference.

  3. Oh my goodness, she is a beautiful little angel. SOOOOOO beautiful!!!! I am thrilled to hear how she is falling in love and blossoming with her family. What an inpsiration your family is. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  4. I can't believe she's been home a month. Amazing how time flies. Minerva was the same way with food for the first month or two. If she had to chew more than 3 times, she spit out the food. But she does much better now.

  5. Such sweet pictures. Thank you for sharing them. I'm glad everything is going relatively smooth.

  6. She's beautiful and I'm happy to hear that everything is going so well! Yabbi also had a hard time deriving comfort from being held. I remember nights when she would cry and we would pick her up and she would just push away. It was so hard. It wasn't too long before she started cuddling. I remember how grateful I felt to be able to comfort her.

  7. So glad that you guys are transitioning smoothly. This is an encouraging post.

    She is a beautiful baby!

  8. SO glad things are going so well!! She is adorable! I can't wait to meet you all in Austin next weekend....(if you are still planning on coming!)

  9. Oh Rachel, it's so good to see Evie doing so well! And nice to know her big brother is already looking after her. I imagine the men who try to date your girls are going to have to go through Jude first. ;-)

    We had/have similar eating problems with Markus. Smooth foods (like yogurt and apple sauce) are still his favorite at 18 months. He won't eat very much of anything that takes effort. But it does (slowly) get better. Hang in there!

  10. Awesome - you are doing an awesome job and that picture of her in the swing is just gorgeous!

  11. Evie is doing terrific! (And, so are you!) It is great to hear how much she has grown, both physically and emotionally, over the past month! She is a beauty and it is great to see your family radiating with love for her! Great update!

  12. She's so cute-so happy things are going smoothly. Love that Jude is being such the good big bro! :)
    Thoughts are with you!

  13. what a wonderful report!!! and i loved dan's post about funny!!! has jude's affection for evie affected his relationship with indigo? she grows more beautiful with each photo you post! so very happy for you!!

  14. So glad to hear that she is adjusting well. She is gorgeous!

  15. Oh Rach...she's just beyond beautiful....truly.

    This whole post makes my heart soar!!

  16. Dang she is precious! She looks like she is doing soooo great.
    Cant believe it has a been a month already.

  17. I can't wait to meet her at the zoo!!

  18. Rachel, she is just gorgeous! Congratulations - I am so happy for you all. I teared up reading this. What wonderful news. Enjoy your growing family. :)

    xo elizabeth

  19. She is an ABSOLUTE beauty! I am so happy to see you all finally together. Congratulations!


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