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Happy Easter!

So, the Easter bunny paid us a visit last night.

He devoured the carrot left for him and even left behind a few paintbrush bristles whiskers as additional proof of his visit.

Then he hid a dozen eggs throughout our living room.

After our egg hunting adventure it was time to get ready for church.

[I made the girls' Easter dresses by combining two patterns - portabellopixie claire round apron dress sans apron and sash with the elastic waist featured in the sisboom molly peasant dress. My friend Jenny inspired me on the fabric and rickrack hem.]

Bring on the family time!

Jude is so amazing with Evie and it absolutely warms my heart!

Indigo came along to make Evie laugh. She's a great big sister.

Cascarone time!

The egg hunt begins!

Nothing says fun like cracking eggs on heads!

Happy Easter! He is risen indeed.


  1. My favorite part of the Kovac family's Easter? Jude's garden gloves. Hands down.
    Oh yeah, the dresses are super-cute too. But come gloves.

  2. Meg, this is Dan: Garden gloves rock. I wear them in the shower, when I'm eating at a nice restaurant, at church... what? Is that weird? You mean you don't? Great...another thing I need to talk to my therapist about.

  3. LOVE the matching dresses. So sweet! I'm always impressed!!! :)

    Looks like a GREAT day!!!

  4. Happy ( a bit belated!) Easter to your beautiful family.

    Those dresses are beyond sweet as were the descriptions of your wonderful day!

    I'm a bit behind and hope to snag a moment to check back on what I missed later today! :)

    Hugs and glad to know all is well!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your Easter photos!

  6. Hi...I got your comment on my blog...I just realized it was there. That's why I haven't responded. Your words were so kind...thanks so much. I continue to keep up with your blog...I love seeing how happy Evie is! Thanks again for sharing the joy with us!

  7. Those dresses are so cute! I don't know where you find the time!

    Love Jude's gloves!


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