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On getting a new sibling...a three year old's perspective

This morning Indigo asked me when Evie was going back to Ethiopia. I explained that she's not, that we're her family now. Later in the day I overheard this -

Indigo (picking up her doll): Judey, let's play the game "send our babies back to Ethiopia".

Jude: Indigo! Evie is NOT going back to Ethiopia.

Indigo: I didn't mean Evie! I mean our dolls.

I watch as she puts her doll in an Amazon box.

This reminded me of when Indigo was a baby and Jude asked when she could go back into my tummy. It's tough being dethroned as the baby of the family. I'm going to do something alone with Indi this weekend to try to make her feel extra special.

Here are some pictures from our week. Happy Friday!

Baby's favorite drawer

We're still getting lots of milage from the Klutz face paints


  1. SO hard! I think a bit of Indie/Mommy time would be a great thing for everyone! Enjoy!

  2. Yes, I remember that...when we brought Kaydee home from the hospital our first night at bedtime, CJ said, "when is Kaydee going back to the hospital?" So glad everyone is doing well! Evie is precious as are Indie and Jude! Oh and BTW, we do the birthday present thing too...we call it an unbirthday gift...I think it makes them not feel left out!

  3. I think some Indie time should do the trick. I am glad you post things like this so I can store it for the future. I love that you are home to catch all these precious moments! thanks again for sharing!

  4. Y=ou are such a good momma! Enjoy your Mommy/Indie time.

  5. Oh, thinking about your girls enjoying your special time with one is such a big adjustment and I know in all the important ways she is doing beautifully as a big sis!! And Jude is sooooooooo amazing too!!

    This reminded me of a story my Sis told ~ her middle child once packed a small suitcase for the baby a month or so after she was born and asked a neighbor if she would like a new baby. LOL Out of the mouths of little just never know!

    LOVE the darling pics!

  6. OH, poor Indie. That's tough. And poor you.....I always find it tough to watch. And a tad heartbreaking. Even know it is a GOOD thing, it's so hard to watch your kid missing you (even when you are right there!). I hated that part when I had Chloe. But, it is good t know that it passes and gives birth to a wonderful bond!!!

    Hang in there during this phase- and enjoy that Indie time! I think it will be great for BOTH of you!!!! :)

  7. Super cute pictures Rach! Awe, Indi. :) Miss you guys hope you are all well!

  8. so funny!!! poor indigo! from the pics it sure looks like jude adores evie! she has such a happy face!


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