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I'm loving...

So much easier than using a manual one... or at least easier than our last manual one. Our last manual grinder was so hard on my wrists. The electric food mill is easier to clean too! [And yes, this also means that Evie, our three-jars-of-baby-food-per-meal-girl, is back on homemade baby food! Woohoo!]

  • This article about an adoptive family meeting their son's first family in South Korea. Amazing story! A tearjerker to be sure!

  • My evening walks and another great podcast by Blackhawk church. If you think forgiveness means being a doormat, then this message is for you.

photo taken on my cell phone on one of my evening walks.


  1. Yay for homemade baby food! :)
    That picture is beautiful.

  2. beautiful capture of the sun! That is a great find for baby food making!

  3. i had to come by and checkup! everyone is gorgeous and smiling..OF ourse!

    love"First Family" ..It is officially my take-home phrase of the day!

    love you guys!

  4. left you somethi' on the U!


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