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Evie goes biped

Evie took her first steps yesterday. When we met her almost 5 months ago she could not bear any weight on her legs. At all. Now she's walking. She's an amazing girl!

Of course said steps were taken for Dan and not me. I happened to be out. We knew she was close but I was floored when Dan told me I had missed her first steps. I guess he's entitled to be the first to experience some milestones, too.

In other news, Ms Indigo got bangs today! Previously, her hair was always in her face, covering one eye. She has a problem with a lazy eye, so my mom suggested, initially in jest, that this could be contributing to the problem. Sounds kind of silly, but seriously, try covering your eye with your hair and see how much you can see out of it. It really obscures your vision. She will never leave a "pretty" in her hair and I didn't want to fight with her about it so she now has bangs. With bangs, she looks so much like me as a little girl... except I had more of a mullet.


  1. Welcome to walking, Evie!! Please tell Miss Indigo that she is stunning with bangs. Happy Thursday to all ya'll!

  2. Go Evie GO!!! Miss Indie is all grown up looking now! wow! Where did that little toddler girl go with waves? She is a precious one momma!

  3. Whoop! Whoop! Go Evie go!!

    AND Rach ~ ya know we gotta see that little girl mullet shot now!! You know that, right?? :) Pretty please??

    Miss I is beautiful with or without bangs!!

  4. I want to see the mullet too! Congrats to baby Evie and Indigo's bangs are adorable!

  5. Love the bangs.....and YAY to Evie on walking!!!


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