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From the land of misfit toys...

We were sorting toys today, trying to get organized. Unfortunately, the kids and I have the same "we love to make messes but dislike cleaning them up" gene. So my house is nearly always a mess. But there comes a point when even I can't stand the dump-and-mix status of their toys any longer. That's when I start with the threats.

If you guys cannot take care of your toys, maybe I should give them to kids who will take care of them.

Then, inevitably, they beg and plead for that toy they haven't played with in months.

That is, until I pulled out this.

She's seen better days.

The kids said, "Mommy, we really think you should give her to a girl who would love her."

So far my craigslist ad that says "Wanted: child who can love a beat up rag doll with a yarn mohawk" hasn't gotten any responses... :)


  1. LOL

    Thanks for the morning laugh....but another part of me is hoping against hope that she does find a loving home!! :)

  2. Ahhhh she's cute, *someone* will want her! :)

    I love the threat, I find myself saying that like once a day over here! :)

  3. ROFL!!!!

    This has sooooo been the case in our house too. I mean no one would even BUY the stuff in a garage sale (the things the kids bring me to sell sometimes). I think I remember when you made that doll? In any case, I am sure a little washer/dryer action might just spiff her look up a bit and she can find a new home or put her up for your sweet little one!

    In any case, it feels good to be organized and purge! Great post!! I needed a good laugh : )

  4. I have so been there. As a matter of fact, our house is too cluttered right now. I feel a purge coming on...

  5. So funny. Why wouldn't anyone want that doll???

    I said that very same sentence to my kids this week too. The phrase "I'm bored" just gets my blood instantly boiling!


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